Solution to Data Recovery after Format and Reinstallation

I formatted my computer assuming that the data was already backed up and I re-installed OS to remove all unwanted glitches…

This is the most common phrase uttered by the tech users…

Most of us would have accidentally formatted the drive or intentionally formatted due to any purposeful reasons. Furthermore, system installation refers to formatting the hard drive. Reinstalling the OS is either system upgradation or it may be even the installation of current version. This is explained by an example:

“My pc was very slow and unstable. So decided to reinstall Windows on my computer. After the installation, I found all of my files are gone. Some of the files are taken backup and some recent files are not having back up which I lost completely…”

The above example is for an intentional format, and most of the time computer forces the user to forcefully format the drive because of its vulnerable OS errors and low performance. But at this situation you must be cautious about the data. Don’t think that it’s not possible to restore data after format and reinstall when there is no back up of data.

No matter the type of format of hard drive. It’s possible to recover the data completely until and unless data space remains free and not occupied by new files.

Reasons for formatting and reinstalling Windows OS:

Invalid FAT/NTFS: When the FAT/NTFS boot sector is damaged, or corrupted then you will be forced to format the computer

Windows Registry error: Everything whatever we do in computer is recorded in Windows registry and if it is destroyed then reinstallation of OS is necessary

Virus Attack: Due to the severe attack of the Trojan viruses and malware the system gets totally mess up and reduces system performance

Need for Upgradation of OS: When system is too old, need to update the operating system in order to make use of latest features of Windows

Conversion of FAT to NTFS Disks and Vice Versa: If there is any error or interruption during the file system conversion it makes the system inaccessible and forces to format the hard drive partition.

There are many more reasons for the system format and reinstall, but in all such scenarios there will be a need for the recovery tool. Hi5 Partition Recovery Software is highly trustworthy software used in recovering data after format and reinstall.

Hi5 Partition Recovery Software – A better solution in recovery of data!

To overcome such annoying data loss scenarios, it’s highly recommended to use this software because it helps you to find the lost data after the reinstallation of Windows. This is professionally designed software to retrieve data after format and reinstall of Windows OS and this works on advanced algorithm, to perform a full scan and retrieve the data to greater extent.

Additional features of Hi5 Partition Recovery:

  • With the help of this efficient program it’s possible to retrieve all type of files easily
  • It can recover data from Windows hard drive and other external drives such as USB, flash drives etc.
  • Nondestructive nature of the tool is an added value because it helps to maintain integrity of the recovered data
  • This wizard is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and also recovers from Windows Server 2003/2008/ 2012 system partitions
  • Effective performance of the utility helps to restore formatted partition data in quick time
  • Free evaluation version of this tool is available to preview the restored data.


Once you find crucial data loss. Immediately remove the hard drive and connect to any other computer and make it as a secondary drive and try recovery method.