Easy Application for RAW Photos Recovery

Generally, when you click pictures using digital cameras, it will store the images in RAW format. These images are in RAW format which contains slightly processed data from the image sensor of digital camera. Those pictures are referred as RAW images, as only the camera is able to show the pictures whereas it is not ready to print. You should convert the images into suitable image types for your use.

Assume that you store your RAW images in Windows system example Windows 7. After working on RAW pictures, you save them to normal image format in your system drive. During this processes sometimes, you can face many deletion issues. If you are a professional photographer and if any of your RAW photos are deleted, it might be a huge problem for you. So, in this case, if you want to restore deleted or lost RAW images from Windows 7 at any cost then you need to download a recovery tool. Deleted RAW picture recovery from Windows 7 can be easily done by using RAW image recovery software called Hi5 Photo Recovery. This utility is specially developed to recover RAW photos from Windows 7 just by following few simple mouse clicks.  The properties of this tool are mentioned below.

Key Characteristics of Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool:

  • It is capable of recovering RAW photos from Windows 7 as well as from various other operating systems such as Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 within few mouse clicks
  • RAW image recovery utility has enough power to recover deleted RAW images from Windows 7 which will support any file system, including FAT32, EXFAT, NTFS, FAT16, NTFS5 and others without any difficulties
  • RAW image photo recovery application can be used to restore RAW images from Windows 7 which will be formatted, corrupted and inaccessible or damaged just by following few simple steps. To know more about the RAW image recovery, you can always visit the software page to get more information about this
  • It is also capable of restoring RAW images even from micro SD card and other external storage devices which can be manufactured by any world leading SD card manufacturing brand like Kingston, Transcend, Panasonic, SanDisk, PNY, Lexar, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Canon, etc.

Common Causes of RAW Photo Deletion from Windows 7:

  • While removing useless images from Windows 7, users might end up deleting some of the important images or pictures from Windows 7.
  • Transfer of RAW images from digital camera memory cards to Windows 7 system may fail because of various numbers of reasons such as missing drive, loose connection in cables, etc.
  • Deleting the photos accidentally while previewing them in cameras. Although this is accidental deletion, users should be cautious while doing such things

In order to recover RAW photos from Windows 7, you can take the help of RAW image recovery application and easily overcome this problem and will be able to save the restored data.

Recovery Procedure Using Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool:

  • Download the software on your system and complete few installation steps. As you run the program select “Recover Photos” option. According to the situation select one of these option listed below
  • Deleted Photo Recovery
  • Lost Photo Recovery
  • After you select then the tool scans and displays all the logical and external drives present on Windows 7 system. Select the drive from which you want to recover RAW images and click on “Next” option. Once the recovery is completed preview the recovered RAW pictures before saving it. Then save it in your desired location.

How to Repair Damaged RAR Archive

Everybody knows that WinRAR is the popular and most used tool to extract all RAR files. But, there are many reasons in which a RAR archive may get corrupted or damaged. Even if the RAR file directory has a long name, it won’t handle and gives error. It really feels depressing when your RAR files get damage but now there are different ways to extract your RAR Files. There are various repair tool that are available online from that you have to choose the right software. This article will help you to choose the accurate repair tool which will repair damaged RAR archive within few seconds

Procedure to Extract RAR files

Open your RAR file using preferably WinRAR. You can do it easily by double clicking the file. Use Extract to option and choose the location and click ‘OK’. Try to change the file name by right clicking and use ‘Rename’ option. Do this for all your folders, subfolders and file names. As it is a tedious process for all those files, try to type a shorter name for each file and finally extract.

If the problem still persists, then you need to repair the file using this tool Hi5 RAR File Repair. This is easy to use software where you only need to choose the RAR file which gives out error and click on repair. It’s simple as that. So, the next time you try to extract the repaired RAR file, every folder along with subfolders and files extract with no errors.

Hi5 RAR File Repair– Benefits

  • The tool is user-friendly and requires only few clicks to repair damaged RAR archive
  • It uses an algorithm which finds out what is causing the error and fixes accordingly
  • Ability to handle larger files with multiple subfolders and files
  • Works on all Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Works with RAR files created using various versions of WinRAR applications

Tips to Avoid Damaged RAR Archive

Don’t try to create too many subfolders with longer names. Creating many folders in a single directory can be advised.

  • Many people prefer taking backups in a RAR file, so make sure it is not having many subfolders and files with long names.
  • Always check a downloaded file whether it is having long file name or not. Many websites use long file names for the files stored on their servers.
  • Try to identify the directory character count before compressing the RAR file. This may eliminate this error from happening.

Even if you have mistakenly compressed the folders having multiple subfolders, you just don’t need to worry. Because, you have now discovered a tool which helps you get rid of this problem in minutes.

Fixing Damaged RAR Archive with help of Hi5 RAR File Repair

To repair your damaged RAR file you don’t have to be great scholar, all you have to do is just double click on Download button and download the Hi5 RAR File Repair software on your system. Complete few installation steps then click on “Browse” option to select the damage RAR file. To start the repairing process of selected damage RAR file click on “Repair” option. Once the repair process is completed you can view the repaired RAR file by clicking on “Preview” option. And now clicking on “Save” option you can save the repaired files in your desired location.


What is Google AMP?

After a while waiting gets boring! It’s really frustrating when you open a web page on your mobile and it starts buffering – but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project that makes the websites to load fast. In fact, very fast!

AMP makes its own customized web pages limited to the most basic web technologies, rather than allowing websites to pick up and load irrelevant content from wherever they want. What’s more, the speed can be increased even more by hosting the web pages on Google’s server. This only happens on mobile devices, and only for sites that have agreed to participate in this project.

How does AMP work?

Google’s AMP achieves its outstanding speeds in two ways. In the very first way, it requires web developers to use a narrow set of web technologies to create pages. Most JavaScript is forbidden, which is really good way to make web pages load faster. Then in the second way, it serves pages from its own servers, at least when you visit an AMP page via a Google search.

Well, to use AMP, you need to create an alternate version of your site that conforms to the specifications published by the AMP project. These standards seem like traditional HTML, but paired down to what Google considers to be the bare minimum. Basically, you’ll give your AMP-optimized site a separate address. For WordPress users, there’s actually a plugin will automatically create these alternate versions and help Google find them. Literally, you can just replace your whole site with AMP optimized pages and it would still work in most modern web browsers.

Recognizing AMP page

The pages which are having a little lightning bolt symbol and the word AMP next to them are considered as AMP pages. Further, once you click, the URL bar will have a Google address instead of the original web site’s. You’ll see a bar across the screen that has the original URL. Tapping the X takes you back to Google Search.

Benefits – Research has shown higher bounce rates associated with slower-loading web pages. Using the AMP format will make it far more compelling for people to consume and engage with more content.

How does advertising work on Accelerated Mobile Pages?

The aim of Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effective ad monetization on the mobile web while embracing a user-centric approach. In fact, the objective is to provide support for a comprehensive range of ad formats, ad networks and technologies in Accelerated Mobile Pages. As part of that, those involved with the project are also engaged in crafting Sustainable Ad Practices to ensure that ads in AMP files are fast, safe, compelling and effective for users.

Retrieve Deleted Videos Mac

“Is it possible to recover deleted videos on mac after empting trash? I have this question in mind because I have encountered this problem: unfortunately I deleted one of my important video to Trash by mistake and then without realizing I emptied the Trash. Now I do not understand what to do. First time I am facing such painful experience. Can anyone please help me to overcome this problem and recover my video from Mac?”

This user may not be the only one who is going through this trouble, there must be many others who are facing similar kind of situation or may be different scenarios. Let’s see some of the common scenarios for deletion and also tips to avoid deletion in future


  • The video files get permanently deleted, if you use cmd, shift and delete keys to erase the video
  • The video gets permanently deleted from external device that is connected to the Mac because the deleted video does not reside in the Trash
  • If you empty the Trash folder mistakenly without even checking the presences of important videos then all the files gets erased completely


Always remember that do not add any new video to Mac or any media devices after accidental deletion, as it will overwrite the deleted video that will result in permanent deletion of the video which you trying to recover.


  • Backup your important videos
  • Watch your actions before you click on any keys

Simple solution for your complicated situation is recovery tool. You don’t have to stress yourself thinking which recovery tool to use to get best results. Just go and try free demo version of Hi5 Photo Recovery for Mac you will be so surprised and amazed with the recovery result that you’ll just can’t resist yourself to purchase the license version. This software is the only solution to your entire video deletion problem. The wizard recovers all formats of video files like MPG, 3GP, MP4, MOV, MPEG, etc. It is not only capable to recover videos but also can recover photos, digital RAW images and many more. Because of the simple graphical user interface, the deleted videos can be recovered easily and effortlessly. The software does not compromise with the original quality while carrying out the recovery process. There are enormous features of Hi5 Photo Recovery Mac once you try the software you’ll get to know it even better.

Steps for Recovery:

Nothing much you have to do to recover deleted videos Mac just download the software and complete few installation steps. And within no time you’ll see that you have recovered your deleted videos from Mac. Once you have installed the software run it and from the main window click on “Recover Photos” option. Then the page will redirect you to next window from there choose “Deleted Photo Recovery” option. Now select the drive from where you want to recover videos that where deleted on Mac and click on “Next” option to start recovering operation. After the recovery is completed view the recovered videos by clicking on “Preview” option, and then click on “Save” option to save the recovered videos in your desired location.

Note: The demo version of the software does not have save option. The entire recovery process is same as the license version up to preview option. To save your recovered data you have to buy license version.

Restoring External Hard Disk

External hard drives are very necessary these days as everyone using their computer for everything. External hard disk has high storage capacity and extremely portable so it is an excellent storage device for pictures, documents, videos, audio and much other stuff. As external hard drive brings convenience in our life they also sometimes create problems. Problem in external hard disk is generally characterized by one of the following:

  • The inability to access data from external hard drive
  • Accidental deletion of files by using Windows command prompt or by Shift + Del keys
  • Due to abnormal device operation, the data present in external drive might get corrupt or inaccessible
  • Human errors like intentional or unintentional deletion, improper installation of drive, inappropriate formatting of external drive
  • Virus attack in the system can also cause damage to the external disk

General Tips to Prevent Problems in Future

  • Always backup your files on regular basis and check that your backup is complete copy of your original files. Save the backup in safe and different locations
  • Before the first signs of external hard disk failure, create an image backup
  • Avoid opening suspicious emails and attachments
  • Keep an antivirus program and keep updating it with the latest versions

External hard drive recovery isn’t an impossible task as you think it is. Now a days as technology is getting advance there is nothing impossible. You can easily recover external hard data just like a cake walk with the help of Hi5 Partition Recovery Tool. This is an application that will help you restore lost, formatted, reformatted, deleted or corrupted files from your external hard drive with ease. What is even more exciting and amazing about this wizard is that it will recover up to 300 file types including audio, videos, pictures, documents, etc. Also supports recovery of data from RAID, internal hard drive, USB drive, Pen drive, memory card, etc.  This is a powerful data recovery tool that offers direct solution to tackle with complex data cases in uncomplicated way. The software is so advance that it will recover password protected or highly encrypted files that are present in external hard disk just in few seconds. The tool will retrieve partition from several brands like Dell, Seagate, HP, WD, Lenovo and many others.

Follow this procedure of Hi5 Partition Recovery to restore external hard disk file

Just click on the download button from Hi5 page. Download the software in your system and complete installation steps. Then connect the external hard drive to the system and run the program. Click on “Recover Drives” option from the main screen. Then in the next screen there are two more options i.e “Partition Recovery” or “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”

Partition Recovery: You can select this option when you want to recover lost, corrupted or deleted data from external hard drive

Formatted/Reformatted Recovery: You can select this option when you want to recover data from the external hard disk that is formatted intentionally or unintentionally

Depending on your situation you can select one of the above options and proceed with the recovery program by selecting the external hard disk from where you want to recover the data, then click on “Next “ option to start with partition recovery. Once the recovery is completed preview the recovered files and save it by clicking on “Save” option.


Photo Recovery Tool

Since the invention of camera we have been obsessed capturing precious moments in time. Technology has made it so easy to store hundreds and thousands of pictures on hard drives, Laptops, mobile devices of all kind. Who doesn’t have tons of pictures in their mobile these days?? Of course this technology is great but it also has drawbacks which can lead to losing photos. Before it was like when the negative is destroyed you couldn’t get back the images but fortunately now you can recover all the photos with the photo recovery software like Hi5 Photo Recovery. The pictures that have been deleted intentionally, lost accidentally, formatted or your facing corruption problem this application will recover your images in any situation. It will even be your photo recovery software to restore pictures from external drives, USB, memory card, cameras, etc. With advance scan in Hi5 Photo Recovery the users can enjoy faster and more efficient recovery and with the selection of specific file type it allows complete media files recovery. The best thing is it’s so easy and simple to preview the recovered pictures before saving it. Various camera brands like Canon, Panasonic, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, etc can be connected to system and can restore images from them. In order to save disk space the recovered photos can be compressed in zip format. The utility provides 24*7 technical assistances to the customers to help them regarding any doubts of recovery process. Hi5 Photo Recovery Software is a tool that made recovery simple and easier.

Recovery process using Hi5 Photo Recovery Application

Download the software on your system and complete some installation steps. Once installation is complete connect the drive from which pictures have to be recovered. The main screen of software will display “Recover Photos” option select that then the next screen will display two more options

  • Deleted Photo Recovery: When you want to recover photos that you have deleted knowingly or unknowingly then you can choose this option
  • Lost Photo Recovery: when you think images are missing

The drive from where you want to recover photos selects that and clicks on “Next” option then the repairing process starts. After completing recovery process you can preview the recovered images in “Data Type View” or “File Type View”. Click on “Save” option to store the retrieved pictures in the desired location.

Photo loss scenarios

Before pasting previously cut image using cut operation on other image. Shutting down the system before pasting the cut picture, interruption occurs because of technical issues while pasting cut photo can delete your pictures permanently. Continuously ejecting memory card from camera when the device is turned on leads to corruption and that might cause to lose your images. While previewing photos in the camera and accidentally clicking on “Delete All” option will delete all your pictures present in it. When the memory card of camera containing lots of images is connected to the system in purpose of transferring and suddenly if you remove the device each time you use it on system that will cause corruption further resulting in photo loss.

Repair PST File Outlook 2010 Errors

To get back emails from Outlook PST file when it is damaged or corrupt is a very tough process. But it is made simple and easy using the tool called Hi5 Outlook PST File Repair. This tool ultimately repairs and fixes Outlook 2010 PST file errors by recovering all the emails, calendars, contact files and many more from a single Outlook PST file.

Features of Hi5 Outlook PST Repair

  • Software not only recovers deleted emails, but also recovers tasks, calendars, contacts, notes, journals, etc.
  • Tool not only supports repair PST file Outlook 2010 errors but also for files created using all Microsoft Outlook versions such as 2007, 2013, 2016, etc.
  • Tool has the ability to recover and repair corrupted, damaged and inaccessible PST files.
  • Tool handles repair of Outlook PST file rigorously in order to find the deleted emails and searches every possible byte of the PST file and finally recovers it.
  • It supports all Windows OS platforms like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, etc. and file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, ExFAT and NTFS5.

Steps to Repair Corrupt Outlook PST File

Download Hi5 Outlook Repair Tool to fix errors in pst file outlook 2010 on your computer after installing it then, launch it as the software appears on the screen. The first screen wants you to browse to locate the corrupt PST file that needs to be repaired. After that, click on ‘Next’ button to proceed. The next window of the Hi5 software wants you to select the appropriate scanning method, choose whether you want to go with normal (Recommended) scan or smart scan and then finally choose the output folder for saving the repaired or fixed PST file. Then click on “Repair” button as you can see the list of emails which the software begins to recover and save it on the chosen folder. Upgrade the software license to full version to see the attachments and body of the email. The free version is limited but shows you the email headers.

Scenarios for errors in PST file Outlook Email

  • Accidental deletion of emails while selecting multiple emails. This is one of the major causes of email deletion and the user has to be careful in doing such things.
  • Deletion of emails due to the corruption in PST file while taking backup. Interruptions while taking backup causes damage to the PST files and result in the loss of some emails along with other items.
  • Just an inbox cleanup due to the space constraint without the knowledge of important file that you forgot to take back up.
  • Emails deleted due to the infection of malicious software in the PST file will result in the either inaccessible or corrupted PST file. When you try to open it in Outlook, it may show only few emails and the others are possibly deleted.

The usage of latest antivirus software is highly recommended as this not only defends malware and virus attacks, but also gives additional secure features. Install Hi5 PST Outlook Repair software and try it out yourself in repairing errors in PST file Outlook 2010.


Application to Recover Files After Windows 8 Update

Sooner or later you may feel the need to update your Windows operating system in contemplation to avoid problems such as virus infection, system crash, system freeze and many more. In order to make Windows computer run safely and smoothly Microsoft offers a utility Windows update which often provides upgrade to software, Windows bugs, device drivers etc.

Have you recently updated your operating system from Windows 7 to Windows 8??

Undoubtedly these updates enhance the performance of your computer but they also cause some problems due to the upgrade of Windows operating system. One such common and biggest issue with this update is the fear of losing important files, Media files and so on. Back up is a very critical step and it is always suggested taking back up before performing actions such as system update, cleaning of junk files, formatting and reformatting of disks etc..

But imagine just in case the copy of your back up goes missing or you haven’t taken the backup of the files which you have modified recently there are chances that you might lose the data forever…

There are no manual options available to help you to restore files once the upgrade is done. In such scenarios you can make use of the applications such as Hi5 Software Partition Recovery to restore all your data.

Now you might be wondering why files get lost after upgrading to Windows 8.

There may be enough number of reasons for the files to be lost few of them are  when there is a hardware or software failure ,when some file systems are corrupted or when the windows registry has been crashed.

Don’t panic…

There is nothing you got to worry about as you are at the right place if you’re looking for a solution to perform file recovery after Windows 8 update. Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is an advanced and professional application that helps you to get rid of all data loss issue after the Windows 8 updates.

“Confused?”  About whether this software is reliable. Well then Read on….

Find out why Hi5 Software Partition Recovery is highly recommended for performing file recovery after Windows 8 update….

This software is capable of supporting various file formats, few of them are listed below:

  1. Documents such as HTML, DOCX, DOC, TXT, RFT, XHTML, etc.
  2. Archives like RAR, JAR, CAB, 7Z, ZOO, ZIP
  3. Photos such as PNG, WEBP, IMG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP
  4. Music Filessuch as  MP3, MP4, WMA, MPC, MIDI
  5. Video Fileslike AVI, MOV, 3G2, RM, MP4,

       “Sounds splendid doesn’t it?”

How to Restore Photos from BlackBerry Z30 Media Card?

“Hello everybody! My father has deleted some valuable pictures on his BlackBerry Z30 phone’s media card. I am trying to recover those photos as they are very important to me. I have Windows operating system based computer, and I am not getting how to restore BlackBerry Z30 media card pictures! Please help me out in this. Thanks to all.”

Do’s and Don’ts!

  • Don’t panic: Just relax! You are going to get back all your pictures from BlackBerry z30 media card.
  • Don’t write more data: Don’t take more photos with your phone or copy more files to phone’s media card. This may cause an overwritten data situation that may affect the ability to restore your lost photos.
  • Never choose to go with sneaky recovery software: The internet is full of recovery software which will fill your computer with malware, but the major problem with such kind of unprofessional apps is that they may cause more damage and lower the chances to recover BlackBerry Z30 media card photos.
  • Start recovery process as soon as possible: Well, time is the biggest factor in the result of whether you’ll succeed to restore your lost image files or you won’t. 

Photos may be lost from your BlackBerry due to…

  • Accidentally deleting all the photos instead of some unwanted ones, and can’t find them any more in BlackBerry phone
  • When you connect your BlackBerry to the computer, mistakenly deleted your important photos, and you can’t restore them back from Recycle Bin
  • The BlackBerry memory card/stick gets corrupted, and photos become inaccessible
  • During the photo transfer from your BlackBerry to the PC, some of the photos are not delivered and cannot be found either in BlackBerry phone or the computer

Software to retrieve pictures from BlackBerry Z30 media card

Well, the most effective and efficient way for recovering BlackBerry Z30 media card pictures is using Hi5 Photo Recovery program, which is an easy-to-use and effective recovery utility. You can use it to completely recover deleted photos, video and audio files from BlackBerry cell phones. It also lets you to get back data from computer, hard drive, and external storage devices such as a memory card, digital cameras, USB drive, iPod, and many more. You can have a try with the free version first. This trial version is free and provides you with a preview. Just install the toolkit by following simple on-screen instructions.

Note: Hi5 Photo Recovery Software can be installed on any Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012.

Learn how to recover BlackBerry Z30 media card photos

It will only take you few minutes to understand about the photo recovery process from BlackBerry media card. You are just 3 easy steps ahead!

  • Scan your device using recovery software
  • Locate lost photos
  • Recover everything

Step 1: Run the program and connect your BlackBerry phone

Download the software and install it. Then connect your BlackBerry phone or only the memory card to the computer, and then run the program. You’ll see the window with three options. Choose “Recover Photos” and choose “Deleted File Recovery” option from next screen. Now, select the appropriate externally connected device and start the process.

Note: If you only want to find photos, you can refine the scan. Click on particular file format, the program will then find all lost photos on your BlackBerry phone by scanning it.

Step 2: Preview and recover photos from the BlackBerry phone

After the scan, you can preview the photos listed in the scanning results to check whether your precious pictures have been found. Select the photos that you wish to recover.

Step 3: Recover BlackBerry photos on your computer

When you’ve found all items that you want from the scan result, you can save them on your computer. Do remember not to save them on your Blackberry phone. Just get them on your computer or other media storage, to prevent data on your BlackBerry from being changed.

Some of the Cool Google Secrets Search

It’s very oblivious that whenever you want to search something on web, you head towards the most popular search engine – Google. Each and every individual of today’s world knows how to play with word search on Google, but very few or no people are aware about its real power. Google emphasizes on most relevant information, so it keep updating its search algorithms regularly.

If you want to become Google search expert and get quick results with relevant info, then knowing about some coolest stuffs of Google search is necessary. Well in this revealing article, you will find some facts which surely make even the cleverest person a better searcher. And now, without any further talks, let us discuss some top tricks of Google search.

  1. Timer Function

Just type in set a timer and the time in the Google search box, the Google will start to work as a timer or stopwatch for you.

  1. Distance Calculation

Want to know the distance between two particular cities? Then just type the cities name in Google and within seconds it will calculate the distance between those two cities and also tells the time it will take to travel it.

  1. Finding Important Days and its Date

The search engine giant, Google is programmed in such a way that it knows each and every dates like Easter as well as Thanksgiving. As soon as you type “Easter” in the box, Google will display its exact answer.

  1. Calculators

Google supports various types of calculators such as…

Calculator for Geometric Functions: When you type “solve circle”, the calculator will bring all those stuffs you need to solve minor geometry problems.

Currency Calculator:  This calculator will make currency conversions at the current rate. If you type the amount followed by the three-letter symbol for each type of currency, i.e. 1100USDGBP, the calci will give you the conversion for $1100 to GBP.

Calculator that Suggests Tip:  If you are in a dilemma that how much to tip, then let Google’s tip calculator will help you.  Simply put in the amount of the bill and the tip percentage will display in no time.

Mini Calculator: This handy calculator is said to be the one stop solution for all trigonometry, logarithmic, and exponential functions.

  1. Voice Search Function

To utilize this function, just click on the microphone icon next to the search bar and use as normal. It can be used for any search.

  1. Graph Function

Type in the graph and the equation you want to display and Google will display the results on a graph for you.

  1. Zerg Rush

When type in zerg rush in Google’s search engine, lots of O’ s will start flaunting in front of you. Well, this feature is one of the coolest one when compared to others.

  1. Page Tilt

If you want a tilted web page, then just type in tilt or askew. It’s done!

  1. Barrel roll

Do a barrel roll by typing in just that into Google.  And see the magic!

Google 1998

Type in Google in 1998 and the search will automatically flick to the retro style of that year.