Microsoft Updates Skype after users slam Redesign

We all know that our favorite Skype app has been recodifies with the interface. Though the Microsoft developers tried to work upon it but coming to the user point of view the new interface is not that much appreciated. Well, the company boasted that they have recreated the best ever version but most of the iOS and Android users were disappointed. This is due to lack of available features which includes the status display that allows users to see whether their contacts are online or not.

You may get surprised that the Microsoft Skype community forum is full of complaints regarding the app and this has probably decreased the app rating to 1.5 stars. Apart from that, the Skype users are very much upset because of the removal of the available and invisible option. They also mentioned that turning off the largely animated emojis was not a great decision. But the Skype team is ready to consider all these feedbacks and they will work upon this in the near future.

What will you like about the new Skype update?

The good thing about the Skype latest update is that it can easily delete the contacts and conversations. It will also support other apps for calling as well as fixing the notifications.  The new Skype will allow you to start fresh conversations, profile visit and browse the dial-up pad from the most recent conversations. Well, the update also ensures that the use of Windows can share files, pictures, videos, and links. You can check out the new emoji reaction feature which is available for instant responses to any of your friend’s message or video.