Know How to Unformat Mac Hard Drive


Do you want to recover files from formatted Mac hard disk? Hi5 Software Partition Recovery for Mac will help you thoroughly in recovering data from Mac hard drive after format in just few simple steps! Give a try and get to know how to unformat Mac hard drive in an easy way.

As a Mac user, you may sometimes experience the issue of losing videos, movies, photos, important documents and many other data stored in Mac hard disk. Especially when you perform format process, there are high chances of facing data loss problem when you format hard disk drive, without checking the proper data backup.

Immediately stop using Mac hard disk after losing data.

Piece of Knowledge

Avoid adding / writing on your Mac hard drive by adding any new files, images, or any kind of document. Adding new files to the same disk would overwrite the deleted file space and this could cause the less chances of recovering data from formatted Mac hard disk. If you’re willing to restore formatted Mac hard drive data, it is better to keep the hard disk aside and make use of reliable application which will recover data from formatted Mac hard drive successfully.

First aid would be your data backup!

It is always recommended to maintain data backup on a regular basis, that will help you overcome from the data loss situations easily at times.

What to do when don’t have backup?

If the absence of data copy, users always rely on hard drive data recovery tools, in such cases Hi5 Software Partition Recovery comes into picture.

Mac users searching for a tool to recover data from formatted Mac hard drive is clearly explained in this post. Step by step guide for restoring formatted hard disk data on all versions of Mac machines in an organized manner.

How to perform Mac hard disk data recovery process?

To restore formatted Mac hard drive data, you need to first download demo version of Hi5 Partition Recovery Software for Mac and launch the tool. From the very first screen select ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ option. In the next screen software will ask you to select the drive, choose the appropriate formatted hard disk and click on ‘Next’ option to initiate the recover process. After completing the recovery process, users can check recovered data using ‘Preview’ option.

Formatted Mac hard drive recovery isn’t that difficult, when you use this toolkit!

Key Features of Hi5 Recovery Tool

  • Capable of recovering data from formatted Mac hard drives with pace
  • Not only retrieve data from formatted hard disk, it will also help you recover files and folders from other external hard drives such as – USB drives, flash cards, external hard disks, etc,
  • It will recover entire hard drive data including photos, movies, documents, audio, music files, videos and many more in less time
  • Facilitated with ‘Preview’ option which lets you view files after recovery
  • Offers demo and full version of the software. Users can download any of their choice
  • Hi5 Software Partition Recovery for Mac can be downloaded and installed on Sierra, Yosemite, El Capitan, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopar, etc.

Tips to avoid data loss from Mac machines

  • Have a habit of keeping data backup on regular basis
  • Avoid unnecessary formatting of the hard disk
  • Stop using the drive after losing data