How to Repair Damaged RAR Archive

Everybody knows that WinRAR is the popular and most used tool to extract all RAR files. But, there are many reasons in which a RAR archive may get corrupted or damaged. Even if the RAR file directory has a long name, it won’t handle and gives error. It really feels depressing when your RAR files get damage but now there are different ways to extract your RAR Files. There are various repair tool that are available online from that you have to choose the right software. This article will help you to choose the accurate repair tool which will repair damaged RAR archive within few seconds

Procedure to Extract RAR files

Open your RAR file using preferably WinRAR. You can do it easily by double clicking the file. Use Extract to option and choose the location and click ‘OK’. Try to change the file name by right clicking and use ‘Rename’ option. Do this for all your folders, subfolders and file names. As it is a tedious process for all those files, try to type a shorter name for each file and finally extract.

If the problem still persists, then you need to repair the file using this tool Hi5 RAR File Repair. This is easy to use software where you only need to choose the RAR file which gives out error and click on repair. It’s simple as that. So, the next time you try to extract the repaired RAR file, every folder along with subfolders and files extract with no errors.

Hi5 RAR File Repair– Benefits

  • The tool is user-friendly and requires only few clicks to repair damaged RAR archive
  • It uses an algorithm which finds out what is causing the error and fixes accordingly
  • Ability to handle larger files with multiple subfolders and files
  • Works on all Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Works with RAR files created using various versions of WinRAR applications

Tips to Avoid Damaged RAR Archive

Don’t try to create too many subfolders with longer names. Creating many folders in a single directory can be advised.

  • Many people prefer taking backups in a RAR file, so make sure it is not having many subfolders and files with long names.
  • Always check a downloaded file whether it is having long file name or not. Many websites use long file names for the files stored on their servers.
  • Try to identify the directory character count before compressing the RAR file. This may eliminate this error from happening.

Even if you have mistakenly compressed the folders having multiple subfolders, you just don’t need to worry. Because, you have now discovered a tool which helps you get rid of this problem in minutes.

Fixing Damaged RAR Archive with help of Hi5 RAR File Repair

To repair your damaged RAR file you don’t have to be great scholar, all you have to do is just double click on Download button and download the Hi5 RAR File Repair software on your system. Complete few installation steps then click on “Browse” option to select the damage RAR file. To start the repairing process of selected damage RAR file click on “Repair” option. Once the repair process is completed you can view the repaired RAR file by clicking on “Preview” option. And now clicking on “Save” option you can save the repaired files in your desired location.