Damaged RAR Archive Repair Tool

Are you facing trouble accessing RAR archive? It is not allowing you to access the files compressed in it? Compressed files are more prone to corruption and damage issues. While extracting RAR file you may come across many errors, which will lead to inaccessibility of RAR file and access will be denied at times.

This might happen due to numerous causes,

  • Downloading RAR archive from erratic sites
  • If the WinRAR file header is corrupted
  • If the RAR archive is virus infected
  • Showing errors – unexpected end of WinRAR file
  • Error message indicating CRC failed, CRC errors
  • And many others

When archive is corrupted, it is not easy to extract. So you can try below mentioned solution.

Give a try using Hi5 Software RAR File Repair, which is specifically designed to fix corrupt RAR archive. It is one of the finest way to repair damaged RAR archive in a simple way, when it is not possible to re-download such archive, or if the user doesn’t own backup of data. Hi5 RAR File Repair Software will help users to easily fix and repair corrupted, broken and inaccessible RAR archive just by following few simple steps.

Why Hi5 RAR File Repair Utility is preferred?

One of the highly recommended tool for repairing damaged RAR files used across the world. Gives complete guidance on how to fix corrupt RAR archive in few steps. Highlighting feature of this tool is – it doesn’t alter or change the file content of the RAR file while repairing RAR archives.

Following tutorial will help you fix damaged RAR file in minutes,

You just need to download and install Hi5 RAR File Repair Software on your Windows system, and forget about the issues present in RAR archive as Hi5 Software RAR File Repair will effectively fix corrupt RAR archive in a short interval of time. Repaired RAR file can be viewed by making use of ‘Preview’ option.

Advantages of using Hi5 RAR File Repair Software

  • No changes will be made to the original RAR archive while repairing damaged one
  • It works on read only programming mode, also supports all WinRAR versions
  • Using this app, one can even extract password protected RAR files
  • Other feature of this tool is, it does not change any data from the files rather it gives you a new healthy repaired RAR file without any loss of file
  • Contact anytime, 24*7 technical support will be provided to all Hi5 products


No matter due to what reasons RAR archive is damaged, but with the aid of Hi5 RAR File Repair Software one can efficiently learn how to repair damaged RAR file in a couple of easy steps. You can also use the demo version of this software, which will help in evaluating the software performance before activating the licensed version. If you’re happy with the software results and willing to save repaired RAR archive, then you can move on activating the full version.

Repaired RAR archive can be stored on any desired location on your host computer.