How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from CF Card

Compact Flash Card is very popular among different types of storage cards, since this card is portable, quick, easy to use and has large storage capacity. CF Card is similar to the SD/SDHC card but these CF cards are incomparable with any other devices because of its high end performance. Compact flash cards are most commonly used in Digital Cameras and supported by many professionals and normal people too.

Hopefully even you would be one such user of CF card, that’s the reason you have landed upon this page.

Being a CF card user you might have experienced deletion of your photos unexpectedly or deleted manually by mistake. But I am very sure that those captured images will be very dear to you. Perhaps, if you did not find any back up of these deleted files then it would be a real tragedy; Now you will be very much tensed and start searching the possible ways for recovering deleted photos from CF Card, if you get a solution its well and good but if you didn’t find; don’t be upset. CF card recovery is not simple as compared to a normal SD card recovery and for that you need a proper recovery tool to get back all the deleted photos.

Hi5 Photo Recovery Software, is one such reliable application which is trusted by many of the users, because of its professional software features.

Hi5 Photo Recovery Application:

With such an advanced recovery toolkit, it’s possible to retrieve the deleted photos. Besides it can also recover music files, videos etc. This task can be completed with only few steps and its cost efficient, which works well on Windows OS. Now don’t wait… just look at the unique features and start using the application.

  • Scanning mechanism is very powerful and hence scan result will be as much as user’s expectation
  • Recover photos of all types from Digital Camera, Camcorder, etc.
  • Developed the software in such a way that it is easy for the users to navigate through the recovery steps.
  • This tool helps in retrieving RAW photos
  • Supports file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT
  • This software can also be used in case of formatting scenarios
  • Preview option is provided after the scanning in order to evaluate the recovery session
  • Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool provides step by step procedure to restore deleted photos from CF Card
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Free demo version of the software is available which is similar to paid version without a Save option.

Reasons for deletion of Photos from CF Card:

File or data deletion is severe nowadays in memory cards and as well as other storage devices. There are several reasons behind which that can happen with:

Manual Deletion: As we are humans we always tend to do mistake and delete some of the photos unknowingly in a fraction of second.

Un intentional format of CF Card: Formatting either can be done when CF card is connected to PC or even when it’s in camera. This formatting process will not delete the photos completely and hence its recoverable.

How to prevent deletion of photos from CF Card?

  • Back up all the important files often to any safe storage device which is easy when you use good card reader for transfer process
  • Always try using reliable CF cards, otherwise there are more chances of losing the photos

Note: The complete recovery is possible only when there are no new data written on that free space after the deletion of files.













How to Restore Photos from BlackBerry Z30 Media Card?

“Hello everybody! My father has deleted some valuable pictures on his BlackBerry Z30 phone’s media card. I am trying to recover those photos as they are very important to me. I have Windows operating system based computer, and I am not getting how to restore BlackBerry Z30 media card pictures! Please help me out in this. Thanks to all.”

Do’s and Don’ts!

  • Don’t panic: Just relax! You are going to get back all your pictures from BlackBerry z30 media card.
  • Don’t write more data: Don’t take more photos with your phone or copy more files to phone’s media card. This may cause an overwritten data situation that may affect the ability to restore your lost photos.
  • Never choose to go with sneaky recovery software: The internet is full of recovery software which will fill your computer with malware, but the major problem with such kind of unprofessional apps is that they may cause more damage and lower the chances to recover BlackBerry Z30 media card photos.
  • Start recovery process as soon as possible: Well, time is the biggest factor in the result of whether you’ll succeed to restore your lost image files or you won’t. 

Photos may be lost from your BlackBerry due to…

  • Accidentally deleting all the photos instead of some unwanted ones, and can’t find them any more in BlackBerry phone
  • When you connect your BlackBerry to the computer, mistakenly deleted your important photos, and you can’t restore them back from Recycle Bin
  • The BlackBerry memory card/stick gets corrupted, and photos become inaccessible
  • During the photo transfer from your BlackBerry to the PC, some of the photos are not delivered and cannot be found either in BlackBerry phone or the computer

Software to retrieve pictures from BlackBerry Z30 media card

Well, the most effective and efficient way for recovering BlackBerry Z30 media card pictures is using Hi5 Photo Recovery program, which is an easy-to-use and effective recovery utility. You can use it to completely recover deleted photos, video and audio files from BlackBerry cell phones. It also lets you to get back data from computer, hard drive, and external storage devices such as a memory card, digital cameras, USB drive, iPod, and many more. You can have a try with the free version first. This trial version is free and provides you with a preview. Just install the toolkit by following simple on-screen instructions.

Note: Hi5 Photo Recovery Software can be installed on any Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012.

Learn how to recover BlackBerry Z30 media card photos

It will only take you few minutes to understand about the photo recovery process from BlackBerry media card. You are just 3 easy steps ahead!

  • Scan your device using recovery software
  • Locate lost photos
  • Recover everything

Step 1: Run the program and connect your BlackBerry phone

Download the software and install it. Then connect your BlackBerry phone or only the memory card to the computer, and then run the program. You’ll see the window with three options. Choose “Recover Photos” and choose “Deleted File Recovery” option from next screen. Now, select the appropriate externally connected device and start the process.

Note: If you only want to find photos, you can refine the scan. Click on particular file format, the program will then find all lost photos on your BlackBerry phone by scanning it.

Step 2: Preview and recover photos from the BlackBerry phone

After the scan, you can preview the photos listed in the scanning results to check whether your precious pictures have been found. Select the photos that you wish to recover.

Step 3: Recover BlackBerry photos on your computer

When you’ve found all items that you want from the scan result, you can save them on your computer. Do remember not to save them on your Blackberry phone. Just get them on your computer or other media storage, to prevent data on your BlackBerry from being changed.

Retrieve Data from Kingston Memory Card

“I was capturing some pictures using my camera. I am new to digital cameras and bit unaware of its options. While using it, I selected “Delete All” option by mistake and ended up erasing all data from Kingston memory card of my camera. What can I do now? Please help me to restore data from Kingston memory card.”

Relax; you are not alone to face such kind of situation! But, many users are there who has lost their precious data from Kingston memory card used in cameras, camcorders or other devices. But you can still retrieve data from Kingston memory card if you take quick actions.

Well, Kingston is an American based company that develops, manufactures and sells flash memory cards related to electronic devices like computers, cameras, phones, etc. It has manufactured variety of memory cards including SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, CF card, Micro SD card, MMC card, and so on. However, like any other flash card, Kingston memory card is also not free from data loss problems. Common scenarios for losing or deleting data from Kingston memory card are something like this…

  • Deleting files from memory card accidentally or with lack of attention while selecting files to delete
  • Formatting Kingston memory card without taking  backup of important data
  • Formatting Kingston card to free it from inaccessibility due to format errors and file system damage
  • Corruption of Kingston card because of virus infection, improper handling etc.
  • Photos and videos captured from camera or camcorder when battery is low
  • unexpected interruptions while transferring files from Kingston memory card to computer or vice-versa

When data from Kingston memory card due to any of the above specified reasons and you are in a need to recover it, then you should select suitable memory card recovery software. Hi5 Photo Recovery is one such Kingston memory card data recovery software that has been recommended by many users to safely restore data.

Apart from Kingston memory card, this Program supports recovery of photos from memory cards of various types such as Samsung, Panasonic, Kodak, Olympus, Sony, etc and restores videos, songs as well. Further, the utility is equipped with advanced mechanisms that allow recovering of lost and deleted data from various storage devices like external and internal hard drives, USB drives, iPods, and many more. It’s friendly user interface helps to retrieve media files of various formats. You can make use of “Find” option in order to find out the particular file on the basis of its name, size, date, and type. To save the disk space, you are allowed to store recovered Kingston memory card data in compressed ZIP achieves. What’s more, users can make use of “Save Recovery Session” to avoid rescanning of the same disk.

In addition to all this, Hi5 Photo Recovery Program will aid you to perform data recovery from Kingston memory card on Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2012.

How to Get Back Data from Kingston Memory Card?

Download and install Hi5 Photo Recovery Toolkit on Windows PC, and then install it. Now, attach the Kingston memory card to the system and run the software. Now, choose “Recover Photos” from the main screen followed by selecting the appropriate recovery mode (deleted Photo Recovery and Lost Photo Recovery). Select the drive of Kingston memory card from next screen and click on “Next”. Now, choose file types that you want to restore from the list of recoverable data and again click on “Next”. Otherwise click on “Skip” option to retrieve all data. Software scans Kingston memory card and displays the recovery results in few minutes. Finally, preview the restored data and save it on desired location.

Method to Restore Files Deleted from Camera SD Card

SD memory card is featured with large storage capacity, portable and simple interface. It plays an important role in keeping numerous storage devices like digital camera, mobile phones, mp3 players to store important files.  It also serves as the main device for keeping backup of crucial files. Similar to other data storage devices, SD card also face deletion issue. One such common problem faced by many users of SD card is accidental deletion. Sometimes you might delete an important file instead of deleting any other unimportant files from SD card and later realize about your own mistake.

For better understanding let us assume one scenario where your face deleting issue on SD card. You connected SD memory card to transfer some crucial pictures to backup on your PC. As this backup drive had no enough space, you planned to delete some large folder to free up the drive space. While processing this process, you mistakenly deleted important files on SD card. How do you retrieve those deleted files from SD card? Do you know which method has to be implemented to restore SD card files? Well, if you are struck up with this issue and looking for a solution on recovery of files from SD card then this article gives you an ultimate solution to get back deleted files off camera SD card.

Nowadays it is not difficult for people to choose a reliable SD card recovery program. The trickiest part is that you have to opt for proper and powerful application from countless similar tools. One such advanced program to recover deleted files off camera SD card is Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Program. This software not only features for its simplicity and multiple features but also became a popular for its efficiency in restoring files from SD card on hard drive. Hence there would be a good chance for you to retrieve deleted files from SD card using Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Tool.

 What causes file deletion on SD card?

  • Viruses infect SD card while moving files using Bluetooth feature or if you download any files to SD card from internet. After intrusion of virus on SD card, files stored in it get deleted without giving any warning.
  • Often removing SD card and using it on various electronic gadgets to access files also leads to file deletion issue.
  • Unintentional formatting of SD card on digital camera results in deletion of files stored in it.

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Application is featured with advanced scanning algorithms. It completely scans SD card and recovers files from SD card which were deleted by above mentioned reasons or others.

Important features of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Program:

  • Hi5 Wizard allows you to retrieve AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, MPG, M4V, 3G2, 3GP, RM and other video file formats from SD card.
  • Has an ability to restore deleted files from SD card, SDHC card, SDXC card, CF card, xD card, MMC and Memory Sticks.
  • Simple graphical user interface lets you user to easily recover deleted files from SD card without undergoing much difficulty.
  • As this tool uses Save Recovery option, you can save the recovery process at any point of time and resume it at a later stage without having to rescan the entire drive again.
  • You can also recover deleted files from computer hard disk, external hard disk, iPods, USB drives, etc with the assistance of this Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Application.

Tips to avoid file deletion from SD card:

  • Suggested not to use SD memory card after deleting any files from it.
  • Do not remove your SD card while transferring files to other storage device.
  • Never use same SD card on multiple storage devices.

Software to Recover Data from Flash Drive

USB flash drives are the most useful storage drives. As it is portable device it is abundantly used to store all sorts of crucial files, sensitive documents, folders, pictures, videos and other files. It offers a great advantage while transferring important files from one storage drive to other. And at the same time it also has disadvantage of losing files from flash drive. Do not mind the headache of data loss from Flash drive. Since there are numerous methods to recover data from flash drive which are wither lost or deleted by any causes. You get complete information on data recovery tool for flash drive by reading this article.

Files lost or deleted from flash drive can be easily restored from the backup storage drives. If you have maintained an updated backup files then you can just open those drives and restore them with ease. On other hand if you are not having such backup files then opt for reliable third party file recovery software.

Data recovery tool for flash drive:

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery is an outstanding application that assists you in recovering data from flash drive in few minutes. It is one of the right data recovery tool for flash drive that best fits your need in recovering data from flash drive. Hi5 is most reliable application that gives better recovery speed, ease of use and competitive price. Also it has easy user interface which allows even a novice to restore files from USB drive in short span of time. This tool allows you to preview recoverable files before you purchase and then save it at desired storage location after getting its full licensed version.

What are the causes for loss/deletion of files from flash drive?

  • Formatting flash drive by mistake or to get rid of format error erases entire files stored in it.
  • Malware infection hides or deletes the files from USB drive.
  • Ejection of flash drive while moving files to system drive also results in data loss issue.
  • Deleting important files from flash drive rather than deleting unwanted files.

Also you can find numerous other causes responsible for data loss from flash drive. But on using Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Program, you can easily retrieve files from flash drive in few minutes.

More about Hi5 Software Photo Recovery Tool:

  • Hi5 Photo Recovery Application is developed with advanced scanning algorithms that scan each and every block of the flash drive to recover files lost or deleted by any reasons.
  • Easily compatible to retrieve files from memory cards, iPods, computer hard drives, external hard drives, flash drives and other storage devices.
  • Works well with all versions of Windows operating system including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 and recovers files with ease.
  • Has an ability to recover files from various other brands of USB drive like Transcend, Toshiba, Sony, HP, Moser Baer, SanDisk, etc.

Important tips to be followed to avoid data loss from flash drive:

  • Maintain an updated backup of your flash drive files before performing any deletion or format operation.
  • Stop using USB drive after losing files stored in it.
  • Always use an updated antivirus application to avoid virus.

Even after following such precautionary steps if you come across any data loss issues from flash drive then use Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool, follow simple steps, recover lost or deleted files and save at desired storage drive within few minutes.

Learn How to Recover Hidden Files on USB Drive

Do you want to recover hidden files on USB? If then, this will be the most useful post where you find an easiest way to restore hidden files from USB drive. Read this article and get complete details on how to recover hidden files on USB with a painless task.

If your USB drive is infected from deadly viruses then it gets unrecognized when you connect it to computer or it changes your real file name to shortcut or files gets hidden files on USB drive. You might hide important files to keep safe and to guard that file from other persons. Sometimes you might hide a needed file on any folder and unfortunately you might delete that folder by mistake. On some occasions you might hide important files on other folder and forget the location of those hidden files. On facing such issues, it is necessary to know how to recover hidden files on USB. Hidden file recovery on USB can be done with the help of third party file recovery software.

Program to restore hidden files on USB:

Hi5 Software File Recovery is one of the outstanding file recovery utility that helps in recovering all your hidden files and folders from USB drive with utmost ease. It has an updated and strong scanning algorithm that completely scans USB drive and helps to recover hidden files quickly. It works on read only methodology, hence your original source file remains unchanged while recovering hidden files from USB drive. Read this page to get additional details on recovery of hidden files on USB drive.

Scenarios for loss/deletion of hidden files from USB drive:

  • Usage of same USB drive in various electronic gadgets can lead to loss of hidden files stored in it.
  • Improper transfer of hidden files from USB drive to other storage device can result in loss of those files from USB drive.
  • Clicking on “Format” button by mistake after getting an error like “drive needs to be formatted” results in deletion of hidden files stored in it.

Never be depressed if you come across any scenarios of hidden file loss from USB drive caused due to above mentioned reasons or others. Hidden files from USB drive can be recovered with the help of Hi5 Software File Recovery Program.

More about Hi5 Software File Recovery Tool:

  • Hi5 Program not only recovers hidden files from USB drives, but it also retrieves other hidden files from internal memory of the computer, laptop, notebook etc.
  • Can easily recover hidden files from USB drive of different brands like HP, SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, etc.
  • Hi5 Software can unhide files based on file name, file size, date of creation and so on.
  • Helps to restore hidden files from USB drives, memory card, external hard drives, SSD drives, etc.
  • It is easy to rescue hidden files from different versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Important tips to be followed:

  • Recommended to use only an updated and powerful antivirus application to overcome harmful viruses.
  • Make sure that there is no interruption while moving hidden files from USB drive to other storage device.
  • Enable hidden files and folders on your system to minimize file search.

Restore Data from Formatted Micro SD Card

“Hello, I want assistance to solve my problem! Recently by mistake I formatted my Micro SD card when it was connected with my computer and lost all vital files. Currently I am searching for a way to restore data from formatted Micro SD card, can anyone please let me know how to fix this issue?”

In case you are facing similar kind of issue as mentioned above, then don’t get worried. As now there exists a beneficial retrieval application which is known as Hi5 Software Photo Recovery. By taking the help of this retrieval app you can restore data from formatted Micro SD card easily. The application has been developed by some programming engineers, and is recommended as a renowned retrieval application.

Circumstances where user may format Micro SD card:

  • If the Micro SD card file system is damaged then data saved on the card becomes Since card is inaccessible, most of the users manage to format the card
  • While previewing pictures or other media files on camera or device, user may click on format option mistakenly and lose all files from Micro SD card
  • Often users end up with formatting Micro SD card when they receive error message such as “Card is not formatted. Format it now” or “Disk in drive is not formatted “prompting them to format the card
  • If the Micro SD card is severely corrupted due to viruses, bad sectors etc, data lodged on the card gets inaccessible. In this time user may perform Micro SD card formatting
  • When there is need of space to save new files or user wants to delete some useless information from the Micro SD card. User can refer this link to make it easy to recover data from formatted Micro SD card

To achieve perfect data recovery, make sure it should not be used after format. If you are continuing to save data on Micro SD, it can result in partial data recovery. After formatting, older data still resides on the card and it can be recovered by employing an efficient third recovery party tool. Therefore, one can perform lost or deleted file recovery from Micro SD card with the assistance of SD card recovery software.

Features of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery:

  • Recover deleted files from SD card, mini SD, Micro SD, mini SDHC, SDXC memory cards etc,
  • Hi5 Software Photo Recovery app easily retrieves files from SD card which is formatted or corrupted
  • It performs complete recovery with original directory paths, file names and file attributes
  • The recovered data can be sorted on the basis of file name, size, date and file type
  • User friendly graphical interface and step-by-step guided process ensures fast and easy SD card recovery
  • Helps to recognize a particular file on the basis of its attributes using the smart “Find ” option
  • It facilitates users with preview of recovered files before buying the software
  • The recovered data can be saved onto to desired drive
  • It is compatible with all latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

Recovery of Photos from SD Card

SD Cards are mostly used in digital cameras, smart phones and other portable devices as it is convenient memory storage for users to store valuable data like school works, photos, videos, music files, document files and folders. While enjoying the convenience of SD Card sometimes user can suffer from data loss.

Well first thing after photo loss is to stop using the SD memory Card where photos are deleted from because any further use of the SD card can cause overwriting.

How to Recover Photos from SD Card

To restore photos from SD memory card, you will have to use SD card File Recovery program named Hi5 Software Photo Recovery. The SD Card Recovery software will help to restore erased files from SD Card. The SD card File recovery tool performs a deep scan and retrieves back those raw data from SD Card.

Most of the memory card recovery experts recommend Hi5 Software Photo Recovery tool to recover deleted or lost photos from SD cards. Hi5 Software Photo Recovery tool not only recover pictures from various memory cards but also can be used to restore deleted files from USB drive and other flash drive.

Stunning features of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery

  • Hi5 Software Photo Recovery is developed with highly advanced recovery algorithms which helps user to recover photos from SD card effortlessly.
  • It provides user with “Preview” option to have an earlier look at all image files that are rescued.
  • By using “Save Recovery Session” option user can avoid rescanning of SD card in future.

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery is the most widely used safe, secure and non destructive tool. This SD card file recovery tool also rescues photographs from different memory cards that are supported in other smart phones like micro SD, SDHC, SDXC, Mini SD, XD card, etc. You can install and run the app on various versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, etc.

Scenarios for deletion of Photos from SD card:

  • Sometimes for increasing the storage space of SD card you may wish to delete some photographs of bad quality. While selecting such poor quality pictures, you may even select some of your precious photos mistakenly and perform shift delete operation on them. These shift deleted photos bypasses the Recycle Bin and gets erased permanently.
  • For backup of your treasured photos from SD card, you may connect the card to Windows system. Finding any of your partition inaccessible, you may think of formatting that partition but accidentally end up formatting connected SD card. This formatting will delete all files along with your treasured photos from SD card.
  • Any kind of damage to critical areas like FAT, ROOT and BOOT of SD card can cause corruption to photographs saved on it making them inaccessible finally.

Tips for Recovering Lost Data from Your SD Card

  • Remove SD card immediately after you face loss of some files.
  • Don’t store retrieved files to the SD card from which you have lost your photos, save to other storage media instead.

Recovery of Photos from Memory Card

If you are unable to see your photo then, try Hi5 Software Photo Recovery app; it can easily and efficiently recover all the image files that have been deleted or lost from memory card. This is effective recovery software that comes with large number of incredible features and proves to be quite effective to restore deleted photos from memory card. Not only deleted photos, the tool can be used to bring back lost photos as well. It is capable of recovering different types of image files which include JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, JPG, etc. Before we go deeper into the discussion of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery app, let’s have a concise discussion on some important scenarios where recovery is needed.

Where this Hi5 Software Photo Recovery tool proves like a boon:

  • Accidentally Deleted photo Recovery: While viewing the photos that are saved on memory card on some electronic gadget like camera or Smartphone, if you mistakenly tap on “Delete All” option then all the files will get deleted. However, if you want photo recovery from memory card then just employ Hi5 Software Photo Recovery utility.
  • Photo Recovery from Corrupted Memory Card: As users use their memory card on varieties of digital devices, there are chances of memory card corruption. It can be due to virus attack, inappropriate execution of file transfer process, abrupt removal, etc. Once the card gets corrupted, it becomes inaccessible and you will not have access to your precious photos. If you are looking out for some best memory card photo recovery tool then go with Hi5 Software Photo Recovery application.It
  •  Photo Recovery after Format: There are various cases in which people end up formatting their memory card, instead of formatting some corrupt partition on computer. This results in loss of all your treasured photos that are stored in your memory card. But through the use of this reliable recovery tool, intentionally or accidentally formatted memory card photos can be effectively recovered.
  • Camera Card Photo Recovery: Most of the times people in hurry eject their memory card from Windows computer without following its actual removal procedure due to which the memory card gets corrupted and makes the stored data inaccessible to users. But Hi5 Software Photo Recovery utility is well programmed to restore pictures of all file formats that are lost due to improper ejection from computer or camera during write process.

In addition to these, there are number of other reasons which results in the deletion of photos. No matter what the reason is, but with the help of Hi5 Software Photo Recovery utility it is possible to recover deleted image files from memory card.

Salient Features of Deleted File Recovery Application:

This application supports recovery of photos from SD cards, MMC card, CF card, XD card, and so on. The application can recover deleted image files from USB drives, internal hard disks, external hard drives, memory sticks, FireWire drives, etc. It can get back deleted photos from memory card on all popular versions of Windows OS including Windows 8, Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, etc. It comprises a smartest scanning engine, which thoroughly scans and performs deleted photo recovery from memory card. It’s a graphical user interface recovery utility, which allows even a novice user to restore deleted photos from memory card. In addition with image files, it allows you to recover different types of files such as audio files, video clips, Word files, PDF, PPT files, Excel files, etc. Check out the trial edition of this software, if you feel it can get back deleted photos from memory card as per your requirement then purchase its licensed version.


Software to Recover Data from Memory Card

“I am having a memory card in which I have stored many files. When I was viewing data present in memory card, many of my files are missing from memory device and for my bad luck the data which I considered important where not present. I am totally upset, I need that files back at any cost. Does anyone have a solution to my problem? If yes, do reply me as early as possible. Thanks in prior. “

In most of the cases such situations arise mainly because of unintentional mishandling of the memory card. Sometimes you may be totally unaware of the act you have done but you will realize only after losing those files. Do not get tensed because there many memory card data recovery tool available for the same problem. Among many listed in Google Hi5 Software Photo Recovery is the best which will do the recovery of data in memory card efficiently. The software is incorporated with powerful algorithm which scans the entire drive within few minutes.  Before going in detail let me explain some scenarios for loss of media files from memory device.

Scenarios for loss of files from memory card:

  • You may format a memory card which was connected to a system instead of formatting an inaccessible drive.You may fail to keep a back up then formatting will erase the entire data.
  • If you connect your memory card to a system which is completely affected by virus and if you are doing a data transfer process with the memory card then your memory card is also likely to get affected by virus and thus makes your file inaccessible
  • If you are ejecting the memory stick repeatedly from the system while you are accessing the data may also result in data loss and thus you are forced to use a third party tool for the recovery of memory card files.
  • Accidental deletion of files from memory card when you where ought to delete some junk data can also result in memory card data loss

If at all your data in memory card has been lost, initially you can try out some basic steps to recover the data back in memory card. Remember while using a third party utility you should be very sure about its working and check for the review before using the software.

Hi5 Software Photo Recovery at your reach

If you are using Hi5 Software Photo Recovery you can be hundred percent sure about the security of your files because it is free from harmful viruses. With the help of the software you can restore other media files like audio, video and images. Application supports various file systems like FAT 16 FAT 32 NTFS and EXFAT and rescues files such as ZIP files, PowerPoint files, etc. They provide you a choice for storing the recovered data in the desired location for easy access to the users and they have designed it in such a manner that inexperienced users can also handle it in a easy way.

”Save Recovery Session” is an added advantage of the utility which helps the users to save the recovered data after purchasing. There are many more features which you can enjoy while you start using the application. Thus using this memory card data recovery tool you can restore all your data in a very efficient manner.