Damaged RAR Archive Repair Tool

Are you facing trouble accessing RAR archive? It is not allowing you to access the files compressed in it? Compressed files are more prone to corruption and damage issues. While extracting RAR file you may come across many errors, which will lead to inaccessibility of RAR file and access will be denied at times.

This might happen due to numerous causes,

  • Downloading RAR archive from erratic sites
  • If the WinRAR file header is corrupted
  • If the RAR archive is virus infected
  • Showing errors – unexpected end of WinRAR file
  • Error message indicating CRC failed, CRC errors
  • And many others

When archive is corrupted, it is not easy to extract. So you can try below mentioned solution.

Give a try using Hi5 Software RAR File Repair, which is specifically designed to fix corrupt RAR archive. It is one of the finest way to repair damaged RAR archive in a simple way, when it is not possible to re-download such archive, or if the user doesn’t own backup of data. Hi5 RAR File Repair Software will help users to easily fix and repair corrupted, broken and inaccessible RAR archive just by following few simple steps.

Why Hi5 RAR File Repair Utility is preferred?

One of the highly recommended tool for repairing damaged RAR files used across the world. Gives complete guidance on how to fix corrupt RAR archive in few steps. Highlighting feature of this tool is – it doesn’t alter or change the file content of the RAR file while repairing RAR archives.

Following tutorial will help you fix damaged RAR file in minutes,

You just need to download and install Hi5 RAR File Repair Software on your Windows system, and forget about the issues present in RAR archive as Hi5 Software RAR File Repair will effectively fix corrupt RAR archive in a short interval of time. Repaired RAR file can be viewed by making use of ‘Preview’ option.

Advantages of using Hi5 RAR File Repair Software

  • No changes will be made to the original RAR archive while repairing damaged one
  • It works on read only programming mode, also supports all WinRAR versions
  • Using this app, one can even extract password protected RAR files
  • Other feature of this tool is, it does not change any data from the files rather it gives you a new healthy repaired RAR file without any loss of file
  • Contact anytime, 24*7 technical support will be provided to all Hi5 products


No matter due to what reasons RAR archive is damaged, but with the aid of Hi5 RAR File Repair Software one can efficiently learn how to repair damaged RAR file in a couple of easy steps. You can also use the demo version of this software, which will help in evaluating the software performance before activating the licensed version. If you’re happy with the software results and willing to save repaired RAR archive, then you can move on activating the full version.

Repaired RAR archive can be stored on any desired location on your host computer.

How to Repair Damaged RAR Archive

Everybody knows that WinRAR is the popular and most used tool to extract all RAR files. But, there are many reasons in which a RAR archive may get corrupted or damaged. Even if the RAR file directory has a long name, it won’t handle and gives error. It really feels depressing when your RAR files get damage but now there are different ways to extract your RAR Files. There are various repair tool that are available online from that you have to choose the right software. This article will help you to choose the accurate repair tool which will repair damaged RAR archive within few seconds

Procedure to Extract RAR files

Open your RAR file using preferably WinRAR. You can do it easily by double clicking the file. Use Extract to option and choose the location and click ‘OK’. Try to change the file name by right clicking and use ‘Rename’ option. Do this for all your folders, subfolders and file names. As it is a tedious process for all those files, try to type a shorter name for each file and finally extract.

If the problem still persists, then you need to repair the file using this tool Hi5 RAR File Repair. This is easy to use software where you only need to choose the RAR file which gives out error and click on repair. It’s simple as that. So, the next time you try to extract the repaired RAR file, every folder along with subfolders and files extract with no errors.

Hi5 RAR File Repair– Benefits

  • The tool is user-friendly and requires only few clicks to repair damaged RAR archive
  • It uses an algorithm which finds out what is causing the error and fixes accordingly
  • Ability to handle larger files with multiple subfolders and files
  • Works on all Windows operating systems such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
  • Works with RAR files created using various versions of WinRAR applications

Tips to Avoid Damaged RAR Archive

Don’t try to create too many subfolders with longer names. Creating many folders in a single directory can be advised.

  • Many people prefer taking backups in a RAR file, so make sure it is not having many subfolders and files with long names.
  • Always check a downloaded file whether it is having long file name or not. Many websites use long file names for the files stored on their servers.
  • Try to identify the directory character count before compressing the RAR file. This may eliminate this error from happening.

Even if you have mistakenly compressed the folders having multiple subfolders, you just don’t need to worry. Because, you have now discovered a tool which helps you get rid of this problem in minutes.

Fixing Damaged RAR Archive with help of Hi5 RAR File Repair

To repair your damaged RAR file you don’t have to be great scholar, all you have to do is just double click on Download button and download the Hi5 RAR File Repair software on your system. Complete few installation steps then click on “Browse” option to select the damage RAR file. To start the repairing process of selected damage RAR file click on “Repair” option. Once the repair process is completed you can view the repaired RAR file by clicking on “Preview” option. And now clicking on “Save” option you can save the repaired files in your desired location.


Fix cannot open RAR file in Windows 7

RAR file is mainly used to compress multiple file into a single file. This compression is done using WinRAR application. You can gain lot of benefits by compressing RAR file i.e. reduce the memory space of the hard disk, can easily transfer any number of files over internet, you can store them as personal files by protecting them using password, so that no other third party users can access it. Though it is boon to every user, it doesn’t mean it will not form any kind of errors. There are some situations where your RAR file gets corrupted and become inaccessible. You cannot open RAR file Windows 7 and any other version of Windows until you fix corruption issues.

Is your RAR file not opening in Windows 7? Is that RAR file very much essential? Then why delay! Hurry and download Hi5 software RAR File Repair utility. It is responsible enough to mend corrupt or damaged RAR file that is inaccessible on Windows 7. To know more about this software effectiveness read this article.

Features of Hi5 Software RAR File Repair Application:

  • Hi5 Software RAR File Repair software is specially designed to fix RAR file not opening in Windows 7.
    It has ability to repair RAR files of about 4 GB. Password protected and encrypted RAR files can be fixed easily using this program.
  • If you are unable to open RAR file on Windows 7 then without any confusion use this wizard, as it will perform the repair process without altering source file.
  • Use of this utility on your system will not cause damage to other files present on same drive because the software is free from harmful viruses such as malware, Trojan, spyware, etc.
  • This tool can perform RAR file repair process on any version of Windows such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 with great ease.
  • It supports all WinRAR versions such as WinRAR 2.00, 2.90, 3.50, 3.70, 3.80, 3.90 and 4.00.
  • Any non technical users can mend RAR file not opening in Windows 7 without any assistance of others. This is all because of simple interface of the tool.
  • If you are not clear and trusted to what I say, then make use of demo version using which you can experiment using corrupt RAR file not opening in Windows 7 and follow as the options provided and judge the efficiency of the tool on your own by seeing its results.
  • Free technical assistance is given, if you have any queries regarding repair of RAR file or product details then you call our technical people any time.

Why user cannot extract RAR file Windows 7?

  • Header Corruption: Header of the every file plays an important role while accessing a file because it contains details of RAR file like file size, creation date, modification date, etc. If this header is corrupted due to harmful viruses present on the system then you will not be able to access RAR file on Windows 7 and other versions of Windows system.
  • Improper Compression: If you compress RAR file following improper technique or using third party tool or if the compression of RAR file is interrupted then it will corrupt the RAR file. Such corrupt RAR file becomes inaccessible on Windows 7 system.
  • Improper Download: If download of a RAR file is interrupted due to slow internet connection or unexpected system shut down then you may receive a file but in corrupted format. Such corrupt files become inaccessible on any Windows system.

Precautionary Measures:

  • Use trusted tool to compress RAR file.
  • Use proper method to close the opened RAR file.

How to Unzip Password Protected RAR Files

Hi guys! I am in a deep trouble! I am unable to access my important office document which is in RAR format and its asking for password. I am not sure what password I have given it. Is it possible to extract that RAR file without using password? If so please let me know.

Well, there are three possibilities for inaccessibility of password protected RAR files.

  • Firstly you set a password and forget it after long time.
  • Secondly you may follow improper compression method and file gets corrupted.
  • If RAR file is corrupted due to some unforeseen reasons then you will not be able to access it.

Finally you may arise with a question on how to unzip password protected RAR files? This setback can be overcome by usage of many software programs. When you ask it for Google, it will provide you many solutions but most of the solutions are not effective as they should be. Hence I suggest you to use the experts suggested, top rated and the one which gained maximum positive reviews named Hi5 Software RAR File Repair application. Fast recovery, easy steps, reliability and under stability made the app achieve good name in market. To know more about this app extraordinary features and recovery procedure, continue reading this article.

Extraordinary features of Hi5 Software RAR File Repair tool:

  • Hi5 Software RAR File Repair is a proficient toolkit designed using some advanced algorithms which helps users to unzip password protected RAR file quickly and in less time.
  • This award winning tool has ability to recover compressed and encrypted RAR files effectively.
  • With the help of this utility one can fix RAR files of large size up to 4GB.
  • This toolkit can repair password protected RAR files that are created using various version.
  • It is compatible to be installed on any version of Windows system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008 at an ease.
  • If you are unable to unzip password protected RAR file due to CRC error then need not worry you can fix it easily using Hi5 Software RAR File Repair application.
  • Along with RAR file repair, this program can mend MP4, M4V, MOV files that are unplayable.
  • You can download free trial version of the tool and follow below mentioned steps and know efficiency of the wizard.
  • If you have any queries regarding product or recovery process then you ask our technical experts who are available 24/7.

Reasons for inaccessibility of password protected RAR files:

  • Bad Sector: If your RAR file is stored on location where there is presence of too many bad sectors then your files may get corrupt. These password protected RAR files become inaccessible when you try to access it.
  • Unsecured Tool: If you are compressing a file using third party tool then there is chance of  password protected RAR file getting damaged. Such damaged files are no more accessible.
  • Improper Closure: This improper closure occurs when your system gets shut down abruptly. If your opened RAR files are closed abruptly without using exit option then there is a chance of file getting damaged. You cannot access such damaged password protected RAR files anymore.

In all theses above mentioned cases make use of reliable Hi5 Software RAR File Repair app and extract the content.

Procedure to be followed to extract password protected RAR file:

  • Download and install the software.
  • Select the RAR file that is not able to extract and click on repair.
  • Software scans the RAR file for fixing issues in RAR.
  • After scan is done repaired files can be viewed using preview option.
  • Purchase licensed version and save all repaired RAR files.

Fix RAR Files Unable to Extract

People usually store vital files in the form of RAR format or if large files are to be transferred over internet. If such RAR files become inaccessible due to any reason then it is obvious that you may feel sad and start asking about way to extract RAR files whose access is denied in the forums and in other sites where there is possibility to find answers. You may get various solutions but you may be in confused state to select the right one and if you choose any one tool randomly to perform repair process in such case you may face glitches while performing repair operation or you may result in severely corrupted RAR file hence make use of  tool named Hi5 software RAR file repair. Use of this app will avoid such problems while performing repair process. This toolkit is experienced by many users for performing same query with outcome of positive result. Hence it is achieved as one of the top rated tools in present market.

When user cannot extract RAR files:

  • Interruption During Download: If the download of RAR file is interrupted, then you may get a corrupted RAR file that which leads to inaccessibility of RAR file. This interruption is mainly due to system shut down, network issues, etc.
  • Header Corruption: Header stores an vital information related to RAR file. if this header gets corrupted due to virus invasion or use of third party application then your header file may get corrupted and you will not be able to access any data from RAR file.
  • Bad Sectors: Bad sector on the computer hard disk on which RAR file is stored is one of the reason for denying access to extract RAR files.
  • Sudden System Termination: If your Windows system gets terminated while creating new RAR file or while transferring RAR files over the internet then there are chance of RAR file getting corrupt and refusing to extract the content of RAR file.

In case access denied extracting RAR files due to above mentioned reasons then need not lose temper for losing access to vital data as it is possible to repair RAR file easily and make the data accessible with the help of Hi5 software RAR file repair.

Features of Hi5 software RAR file repair:

If access denied extracting RAR files due to any reason then immediately download Hi5 software RAR file repair which acquires very less space and perform few steps as mentioned and fix the RAR file effortlessly. This application has user friendly interface so that any inexpert user can extract RAR files without any difficulty. Some technical expertise have designed this toolkit using some advanced repairing algorithms to help users in extracting RAR files access denied in few moments. It supports repairing of RAR files on both Windows and Mac based platforms.

With the aid of this utility one can easily fix password protected and large sized RAR files in mere seconds. Use demo version of the application to know how to extract RAR files whose access is denied.  After repairing process is done you can preview the repaired files by clicking on preview option. If you want to save the recovered files then buy the licensed version and save using save recovery session. If you find any doubts regarding repair steps or want to do product enquiry then you can contact our technical experts any time.