Tool to Repair PPT File

MS PowerPoint is one of the renowned tools for creation of presentation files. A presentation file may contain many pages, which are known as slides. A slide of a presentation file may contain several file objects, such as: text, graphics, sound, movies and other objects. All these file objects make a presentation file more attractive and illustrative. Microsoft PowerPoint saves presentation files in PPT file format that uses .ppt as a file extension.

Creation of a presentation file needs lot of time and hard work. A PPT file may be large in size as it contains several slides and various file-objects. Due to having a large size and complex structure it may get easily corrupted or damaged. Every computer file computer file or application is prone to corruption. In the same way, presentation files are also prone to corruption. MS PowerPoint program becomes inaccessible. There could be several unforeseen factors behind this corruption:

How a PPT file gets corrupt?

  • Unwanted changes that occur in the PowerPoint files due to CRC error corrupts the PPT file resulting into inaccessibility of PPT.
  • Any interruption during up-gradation of Microsoft PowerPoint version causes corruption or inaccessibility of PowerPoint files that are present in the hard drive.
  • Abrupt termination of the system while processing with PPT file can cause severe corruption to it.
  • Any interruption while transferring PowerPoint files between different storage media can cause damage to the contents of the file.
  • Other reason of PowerPoint file corruption can be  virus infection ,bad sectors in your hard drive and  hardware or software malfunctions

The above mentioned are some of the common reasons of corruption. While opening a corrupt presentation file we may face some errors. If your PPT gets corrupted due to any of the mentioned reasons then you can repair it using Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair utility. This tool has effective features which performs excellent recovery of PPT files.

Features of Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair Utility:

Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair tool repairs corrupt or damaged MS PowerPoint files. It is a complete solution for the corrupt PowerPoint file (.ppt). Software supports MS PowerPoint 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions.

It is compatible with all formats of presentation files such as PPT, PPTX and PPS.

Application can even restore all attributes of PowerPoint slides such as text, animations, sound effects, images, hyperlinks, header and footer of the slide effectively.

Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair is one of the safest tools which does not modify contents of your original PowerPoint file but instead extracts data from it generating a new healthy file.

Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair is renowned PPT file repair software which repairs .ppt extension files that are corrupt due to virus attacks, sudden system shutdown, etc. Software recovers ppt files in a readable format.
No special training is required for the repair of your PowerPoint presentation files .Software restores the information from the corrupt file and saves it into a new file at user defined location.

Main features of Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair:

  • Utility attractive graphical user interface eases work of recovery for users.
  • Software runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 98, Windows 97, Windows XP, Window Vista and Window 2000.


Fix PowerPoint File

Presentation files are very important when presenting a slide show. Imagine a situation where you have created a presentation for an official purpose and at the day of presentation your files were inaccessible! If you were in this situation how you would face it? Obviously initially you may try out some basic method like extracting the file from the back up if you have maintained one or any other way which you feel will give a positive result. After trying out every method still if it is not working means what will you do? Usually if a PowerPoint file is inaccessible then it will be a mere corruption. In these cases of PowerPoint file damage or corruption it’s better to take the help of a third party tool but the only thing which you should keep in mind is the selection of the accurate software. Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair is the exact application which can do the PowerPoint file repair in effective style. You might have faced lots of scenarios with inaccessibility which you might have been unaware. So here are some scenarios which you should be aware of:

Scenarios for PowerPoint file repair

  • If the application throw out some error while accessing the PowerPoint file then your file is likely to get corrupted leading to inaccessibility.
  • When you are saving the file you will be using some file extensions. If the file extensions which you are using is not proper like using .ppt instead of .pptx or vice-versa can also result in inaccessibility of the file.
  • Till now the scenarios which is discussed is mainly caused due to human mistakes which can be resisted if you are more carful but if your presentation file is stored in a location were bad sectors are present, then your file may become corrupted resulting in inaccessibility because the users won’t be knowing whether the hard drive contains bad sector or not.

Discussing the scenarios doesn’t mean to drag you in a tensed situation because Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair will reach you as sustenance for your corrupted files at any critical situation. So are you eager to know about the application? Check it out:

Features of Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair

  • Software is having the capability to mend each and every element of the PowerPoint application like font size, format, date, headers and footers, hyperlinks, sound, text items, formatting, etc.
  • Repairs in such a manner that it doesn’t change the original quality of the file.
  • Repaired contents of the PowerPoint file can be stored at any storage location as per the users wish.
  • File formats supported by the software are .ppt, .pptx and .pps and the utility repairs these file very quickly.
  • Operating system supported by Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair are Windows8, Windows7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.
  • You can use and repair the presentation files in PowerPoint versions such as MS PowerPoint 2000, MS PowerPoint 2002, MS PowerPoint 2003, MS PowerPoint 2007, MS PowerPoint 2010 and MS PowerPoint 2013.
  • Finely adaptable and easy to use tool for PowerPoint file repair.
  • Hi5 Software PowerPoint File Repair is designed by a team of professional experts.
  • Demo version provided by the utility will give the users an idea regarding the repairing process.
  • “Save Recovery Session” is a facility which helps the users to resume scanning and save the files after buying the licensed version of the tool.