What is Google AMP?

After a while waiting gets boring! It’s really frustrating when you open a web page on your mobile and it starts buffering – but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is an open source project that makes the websites to load fast. In fact, very fast!

AMP makes its own customized web pages limited to the most basic web technologies, rather than allowing websites to pick up and load irrelevant content from wherever they want. What’s more, the speed can be increased even more by hosting the web pages on Google’s server. This only happens on mobile devices, and only for sites that have agreed to participate in this project.

How does AMP work?

Google’s AMP achieves its outstanding speeds in two ways. In the very first way, it requires web developers to use a narrow set of web technologies to create pages. Most JavaScript is forbidden, which is really good way to make web pages load faster. Then in the second way, it serves pages from its own servers, at least when you visit an AMP page via a Google search.

Well, to use AMP, you need to create an alternate version of your site that conforms to the specifications published by the AMP project. These standards seem like traditional HTML, but paired down to what Google considers to be the bare minimum. Basically, you’ll give your AMP-optimized site a separate address. For WordPress users, there’s actually a plugin will automatically create these alternate versions and help Google find them. Literally, you can just replace your whole site with AMP optimized pages and it would still work in most modern web browsers.

Recognizing AMP page

The pages which are having a little lightning bolt symbol and the word AMP next to them are considered as AMP pages. Further, once you click, the URL bar will have a Google address instead of the original web site’s. You’ll see a bar across the screen that has the original URL. Tapping the X takes you back to Google Search.

Benefits – Research has shown higher bounce rates associated with slower-loading web pages. Using the AMP format will make it far more compelling for people to consume and engage with more content.

How does advertising work on Accelerated Mobile Pages?

The aim of Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is to ensure effective ad monetization on the mobile web while embracing a user-centric approach. In fact, the objective is to provide support for a comprehensive range of ad formats, ad networks and technologies in Accelerated Mobile Pages. As part of that, those involved with the project are also engaged in crafting Sustainable Ad Practices to ensure that ads in AMP files are fast, safe, compelling and effective for users.

Some of the Cool Google Secrets Search

It’s very oblivious that whenever you want to search something on web, you head towards the most popular search engine – Google. Each and every individual of today’s world knows how to play with word search on Google, but very few or no people are aware about its real power. Google emphasizes on most relevant information, so it keep updating its search algorithms regularly.

If you want to become Google search expert and get quick results with relevant info, then knowing about some coolest stuffs of Google search is necessary. Well in this revealing article, you will find some facts which surely make even the cleverest person a better searcher. And now, without any further talks, let us discuss some top tricks of Google search.

  1. Timer Function

Just type in set a timer and the time in the Google search box, the Google will start to work as a timer or stopwatch for you.

  1. Distance Calculation

Want to know the distance between two particular cities? Then just type the cities name in Google and within seconds it will calculate the distance between those two cities and also tells the time it will take to travel it.

  1. Finding Important Days and its Date

The search engine giant, Google is programmed in such a way that it knows each and every dates like Easter as well as Thanksgiving. As soon as you type “Easter” in the box, Google will display its exact answer.

  1. Calculators

Google supports various types of calculators such as…

Calculator for Geometric Functions: When you type “solve circle”, the calculator will bring all those stuffs you need to solve minor geometry problems.

Currency Calculator:  This calculator will make currency conversions at the current rate. If you type the amount followed by the three-letter symbol for each type of currency, i.e. 1100USDGBP, the calci will give you the conversion for $1100 to GBP.

Calculator that Suggests Tip:  If you are in a dilemma that how much to tip, then let Google’s tip calculator will help you.  Simply put in the amount of the bill and the tip percentage will display in no time.

Mini Calculator: This handy calculator is said to be the one stop solution for all trigonometry, logarithmic, and exponential functions.

  1. Voice Search Function

To utilize this function, just click on the microphone icon next to the search bar and use as normal. It can be used for any search.

  1. Graph Function

Type in the graph and the equation you want to display and Google will display the results on a graph for you.

  1. Zerg Rush

When type in zerg rush in Google’s search engine, lots of O’ s will start flaunting in front of you. Well, this feature is one of the coolest one when compared to others.

  1. Page Tilt

If you want a tilted web page, then just type in tilt or askew. It’s done!

  1. Barrel roll

Do a barrel roll by typing in just that into Google.  And see the magic!

Google 1998

Type in Google in 1998 and the search will automatically flick to the retro style of that year.

Google’s Project Ara is Dead!

Project Ara – Google’s most ambitious modular smartphone concept birthed in Google’s ATAP division, is finally dead. Google has suspended Project Ara in an effort to streamline the company’s hardware efforts.

After so much of delay and feature drops, Google finally puts Project Ara out of its sadness!

Project Ara never seemed like particularly viable product, and after the announcement in 2013, progress became very slow. The device was delayed past its 2015 commercialization deadline when plans for a Puerto Rican food truck pilot launch fell through. This year, the device was delayed again to 2017, and the Project Ara team announced that Ara would pivot from fully modular to having a fixed CPU, GPU, Sensors, Display, Battery, and Antennas. After the announcement, Ara was watered down so much it barely has a cause to exist.

If you were really hoping for a modular smartphone, not all the hope is lost forever. Report says that while ‘Google will not be releasing the phone itself,’ licensing the technology to the other parties is only an option. Will anyone dare to pick up the segmental smartphone torch when even Google has failed, though? There hasn’t been any official word from Google just yet, by following the firm’s announcement of multiple Ara partner agreements at its Google I/O conference in the coming months. Google’s official websites for the project still say that it plans to ship a Developer Edition Ara phone during the fall.

“Google will not be releasing the phone itself, the company may work with partners to bring Project Ara’s technology to market, potentially through licensing agreements, one of the people with knowledge of the matter said”

What is Ara?

The concept is a simple one. You buy a basic model Ara phone and all the bits can be pulled off and swapped as you see it. You can see it in a more fancy and a more powerful camera module. You will be able to buy through Google store, a treasure trove of hardware modules populated by components made by other manufacturers like Samsung and its ilk, right down to little independent devs working out of their basements like Google play for apps. The same will be followed for many other components, including things like Display panels, Physical Keywords, Memory, Scanners and Sensors, Modems and Wireless modules, and much more.

Why the modular concept is causing issue?

  • A modular device is a tablet, phone or other device where individual components such as the screen, CPU, battery, camera, and memory can be removed by the user and replaced by others with a different specification
  • Each module requires an individual case and a connector. These usually take space, making the resulting device larger and less smooth looking than a normal device
  • Making a modular device is extremely difficult because modularity adds a new series of necessities and limitations
  • Each swappable component has to remain distinct from all others. Integrating components together is a tried and tested method of cost and size reduction meaning that a modular device has always been more expensive to make
  • Every component has to be tested with every other in every possible configuration to ensure that they all work together properly. This means that testing and certification is much more onerous meaningfully increasing development costs

Four rules that a modular phone must meet in order for it to be successful in the market:

  • It must make no negotiations in terms of styling
  • Must be the same size and weight as other competing products
  • It must offer the same functionality as other competing products
  • It must come at the same price opinion

According to the reports, so far no device, including Ara, has met these criteria. Only the kicker here is a closing comment. Google took to its own Google+ social media platform with some pictures revealing a prototype filled with circuits and connectors, this will be a real piece of modular smartphone kit.

All these issues and Google’s desire to join its hardware efforts appear to have killed Project Ara. Still its not that clear what comes next for the hardware it designed so far. Google’s effort having failed, whereas few companies may be interested.

Guidelines for Understanding Operating System

Operating System is one of the main program in the computer. Operating System manages each and every pieces of hardware and software. It helps you to accomplish many functions in the system. Some of them are explained here: OS helps to determine which type of application you can install, organizing software which run on the system at any point of time, manages how to interact with the system, how to access the computer’s hardware, make sure that any type of hardware like printers, drives and keyboards and others are communicating in right way. Every time you send a command, OS makes sure that the command is executed or if it is not executed then it must arrange for you to get a message to explain the error. This doesn’t mean that the OS executes the command or sends the error messages but it regulates the parts of the computer that do.

Computer OS acts as the backbone of your system. It lets you to control all types of works which are performed in and out of your system from allocating memory to programs. Other functions like copying files from one drive to other, getting commands from keyboard and mouse. It allows you to perform tasks on the computer like allowing applications like Word processors, Web browsers, email clients and others. This Operating System also determines you see information and execute tasks. Many of them uses GUI that presents information through pictures and also the words. And some OS depends more on textual interfaces than others. Go through this site to grab more information on Operating System.

Let us know how to choose an Operating System?

Whenever you but a computer, its general thing that you choose an OS. Even though you might change it, sellers usually ship PCs with a specific OS. You can find many OS each with different features and benefits. Some of the commonly used OS are explained below:

  • Disk Operating System: It is the first OS for personal computers. As soon as you turn on the system you can see the command prompt which looked like c:\ >. You must type all the commands to the command prompt that looks like c:\>wp\wp.exe. This is known as a command-line interface. This Disk OS is not very user friendly.
  • Windows Operating System: This is the most commonly used OS which is preferred by home users. It is created by Microsoft and is included on machines which are purchased in electronics stores or from the vendors like Dell or Gateway. This Windows OS has easy Graphical User Interface, hence it is easy to use than text-based interfaces.
  • Mac Operating System: Mac is an OS used on Macintosh computers and is produced by Apple. Even though it uses a different GUI, it sounds similar to Windows interface in the way it works.
  • Linux and UNIX-derived OS: These types of OS are frequently used for specialized workstations and servers like Web and email servers. This Linux and UNIX-derived OS are difficult for general users to operate and it requires specialized skills to work with it. Therefore they are less popular with home users than the other options.

Mailbox App which can be Best Alternative for Your Smartphone

Finally, the once sizzling email startup Mailbox has been closed down by Dropbox and it is a result of three years of mission for inbox zero.

In all those three years, all the email applications have worked up to the mark and some of the credit goes to Mailbox’s impact. So in case you are not ready to delete the application and have a new start then a plenty of alternatives are there. Here in this article, a list of mailbox alternative has been mentioned:


In the list of best mailbox alternatives for your Smartphone, Outlook occupies the top position. Basically it depends on email application Accompli i.e. acquired by Microsoft by the year 2014. The application performs a little bit of almost everything and in this different inboxes plays a role of breeze. Outlook has best inboxes, which they call as a centered inbox. It offers many comforts to its users such as desired modification in your swipes, planning of messages, you want to return to later and fats scan of your contacts and late opened connections. This is considered as a best mailbox alternative:

Now coming to its features it possesses: implicit logbook which allows you to move freely between you email and date-book without exiting the application. According to your wish, you can use your date-book to send access over email.


In case your inbox zero is your problem that you can try out the next alternative named Spark out. You can manage all the messages in groups, as the application works by composing things like bulletin so that you can easily refuse them. Other than this it is super adaptable and has both kind of configuration moderate and crisp, which is not a simple achievement for an email application.

Now coming to the feature part: it comprise of absolute amount of customization components. Both short and long swipes, activities can be modified.


In case you want an email application that can take care of all your important such as various records, channels, organizers and notices along with adjustable swipes then you can try Airmail. This application allows you to alter almost every component of the application like appearance of your inbox and what happens to a message just after it gets opened.

This application has excellent features: It comprises of guides in more than twelve efficiency applications, providing all its users, ease to send messages to your logbook, distributed storage account or schedule applications. Later according to your desire, you can send out them in PDF format directly from your inbox.


Gmail is the prominent decision in case you depend on Google for your emails supply. Gmail is very fast mostly on Android platform and it is also capable enough to handle out almost every important part of the email. This alternative has the capability to fulfill all the needs of mailbox.

Important element: Google Now offers a chance to Google to click into the component of all your inbox to gain almost each updates. For example, if you have a flight reservation then Google Now can send you a notification about the timings to leave for the airport and many more.

Microsoft opens Cross Network Play to PC

Microsoft has revealed that, it supports cross-network game-play in its recent announcement which allows developers to create cross platform multiplayer modes and helps developer to include cross-network game-play in their games. Players on Xbox One using Xbox Live will be played with players on different online multimedia network like Steam, PlayStation. The option is given to the developers that they can choose new feature or continue work on building games which work within Xbox Live network. Cross-network play has been the most required feature gamer community has asking since from Rocket League was announced on Xbox One.

Microsoft ID@Xbox director Chris Charla writes about new feature that game developer will be having option whether to support  new feature or not and an option of playing only with Xbox Live players will be available for Xbox players. This allows PC gamers to play with their friend who has an Xbox. By adding cross platform multiplayer, Microsoft makes adapter to buy Xbox One even if your friend is using PlayStation 4 and it is also a way to confirm that even less popular game also has enough players.

Psyonix’s Rocket league will be one of the first game which supports cross-network play. This allows cross-network play between Xbox one and PC players and allows other network to participate, was confirmed by Microsoft. As game developer has an option to support cross-network play, in case they didn’t support Microsoft will change the shape of the game. Console players are restricted to play on PlayStation and Xbox Live so many purchased Xbox One or PS4 was reported in TheVerge.

Restriction on console gaming can be removed by opening online multiplayer gaming across the different platform but it creates conversation which titles PC gamer to play against consoles. Two key motivating points when purchasing the system are console executive games and playing with friends.

Microsoft also added MonoGame support to Xbox One to provide bridge between XNA program framework and the console. It has done everything to facilitate the cross-network play but there should be two way street that even developer should support the feature in their gaming otherwise it will be a difficult task. New features also hinges whether Sony will open up PS4 to Xbox Live, Sony allows PC gamers to play on PS4, doing same in Xbox One will be a disadvantage to it because PS4 large market share are due to several benefits and one of them is the ability to lock-out other console because of online- play compatibility. Microsoft new feature will make Xbox One own less issue if your friends are using PS4, so Sony would not support it.  Some of the interesting facts about Microsoft Band 2 is here. check out and get to know more!!

Its Pinball Everywhere


Almost everybody loves gaming and most of us know that Pinball began the gaming industry. Every game lover enjoys this game like other games as it is easy to play but hard to get command. So thrill and adventure is always the main goal of pinball for entertaining the fun lovers. At recent times evolution of new technologies has inspired pinball to introduce something more entertaining i.e. virtual.

Pinball Labs main goal is to achieve highly accurate physics and visuals. This entertaining new pinball simulator named pinball labs includes some features like: It is highly accurate simulation and game play, it has inbuilt editor which allows designing and sharing of your own tables, for better connectivity, Pluggable API is there, it is designed for PC, VR headsets and Virtual Cabinets is present in it., unparalleled physics and visuals, it is built using Unreal Engine 4, it offers tons of user settings, saved per table. It has various displays mode which makes it more users friendly.

Display modes supported by Pinball: Desktop mode -compatible for normal PC monitors and TVs, VR- supporting virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Cab for multi-monitor virtual pinball cabinets.
Pinball Labs also includes slings, lights, spinners, drop-targets, etc. which allows even a tech-novice to design and play their own virtual pinball machines using drag and drop method.  API involved in this supports connectivity of virtual pinball to real world hardware or emulators. The person who knows pin building can do their testing on Pinball Labs for completing their research. Before adding of resources, expensive parts, labor and material if any exception happens then it can be solved virtually without any further expense. It has been designed in such a manner that it can be played on computers. It is expected that Pinball Labs will be liked by all kind of audiences as it provides users with tools to design and share their own designed virtual tables with great ease.

Risks involved:

Development timeline is the biggest risk and challenge for this project. As the project will keep on developing many beta and demo classes will be released too for testing purposes. The fully developed retail version will be completed by 2016.

After giving months for Pinball Labs development work and research, almost every feature has gone through each testing phases of concept. In future it may include more features such as device workshop, support for multiplayer and voice chat, inbuilt head tracking and stereoscopic support for TVs and desktops supporting 3D.

JDK Replaced With Open JDK

Google has done official announcement that they are about to replace Oracle proprietary Java Development Kit i.e. JDK with Open JDK for java application programming interfaces and they are about to add this advancement from next Android version N which is already in works.

This news came in to user’s knowledge when a mysterious Android codebase summit revealed it at Hacker News in November month. Android will be offering some Java API libraries that can be used to develop some apps using java which is divided in to two subcategories: the API used for the libraries and the code developed by Google to make them a function.

In the mean time, Oracle has developed Java and has two applications of libraries consisting of proprietary version of Open JDK and JDK. Open JDK that is being partly used by Android and Google is also focusing on it, this all thing altogether means that it will allow others to use its code.

On Feb 16 the codebase commit was created by Piotr Jastrzebski. After that Google’s Narayan Kamath uploaded the latest upgrade of the commit on 11 Nov. This process changed almost 8902 files and this indicates that Android has successfully received the OpenJDK code.

How to import OpenJdk files:

  • You need to create new libcore/ojluni directory with src/main/java and src/main/native subdirectories then Build ojluni into core-oj jar.
  • Then you can use openjdk classes from java.awt.font package.
  • Copy all files from jdk/src/share/classes and jdk/src/solaris/classes
  • directories in openjdk into libcore/ojluni/src/main/java.
  • Copy the mentioned native files from openjdk to
  • libcore/ojluni/src/main/native:[a long file list]

Google and Oracle relationship was always peevish that was proven in the Oracle vs Google legal case. In this case Oracle tried to implore Google for Java APIs copyright and infringement.

Google has developed its own version of Java for implementing Android OS but has used the same functionality along with same name and organization as the Java API. Google launched its Android SDK on 12 November 2007. Google has also promised a deal with Sun about the partnership and licenseing for Java, but unfortunately nothing got succeeded.

In August 2010 Oracle took legal action to Google for copyright and infringement. The case also went to court with a subject that APIs are not subject to copyright along with the counter appeal by Oracle but the decision was not favorable to them yes but it left with an option that Google may have a fair use of it.

According to recent news, the dispute between Google and Oracle has been settled but Google told VentureBeat that still the dispute is going on so they are unable to comment that whether this dispute is being settled or not.

Startling Facts About Microsoft’s Band2


Microsoft, smartly and steadily had launched one of the amazing wearable called Microsoft Band which was basically a fitness tool. Just few months after the new Microsoft Band was released, Microsoft introduced an updated version of Band known as Band2, whose aim is to offer even more health awareness being more stylish and comfortable when compared to the actual Band.

Now, the Microsoft Company is all set to add some extra features with a small software update in its Band 2 version. The important updates are Music controls, Activity alerts, and Exercise tile enhancements. Just hold your rhythms to use Microsoft Band 2 with its new enhancements which act as your coach, entertainer, and a fitness wearable.

The all new Music Controls

The new music control facility allows controlling music playback on Smart Phones through Band2. This facility is can be accessed by just double tapping on Power button, a big center button. On touch screen, one can see the title of songs and artist name alternately. It is also allowed to play or pause the music, and to move forward or backward. Adjustable volume controls are also be presented in the Band2 wearable.

The music control option is well suited to work with any music applications available on the SmartPhone. Some of the supported applications that it worked easily with are Google Play Music, Spotify on Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Apple Music, etc. These apps don’t directly include playback storage and support on Microsoft Band2.

Get remainder notifications to be active

Band2’s new remainder notification option keeps all your inactiveness away! Microsoft has included customizable alerts in its Band2 to remind the one who stays inactive for a long time. Microsoft tells that, you’ll be able to fix times and dates if you don’t want to receive alert notifications when you are sleeping, driving, or when you are at the movies.

Select your favorite exercise which Exercise Tile option

Well, Band2 fitness wearable exists for a particular reason like to keep track of your health in order to motivate you into being a better version of you. With its exercise tile facility, you may set your favorite exercise that you do on a daily basis as a tile to have a quick updates on your duration, heart rate, and calorie burn. Further, all your exercise sessions are summarized by exercise type in the Microsoft Health app or Web Dashboard.

You can also find out about new features update for Microsoft Band with the help of ‘What’s New’ Tile, which will automatically raises on the band whenever new updates are available. Microsoft never stops to improve its fantastic devices! From the introduction of first version of the Band, Microsoft has incrementally updated the Band for newer features.

Is It Essential to Upgrade iPhone 5s to iOS 9

IOS 9 is an Apple’s newly released software. iPhone 5s is bit old generation phone. Sometimes though you upgrade software to newer version iOS 9, features which you think important in newly released version may not work fine in iPhone 5s because of its oldest hardware technology that cannot be optimized by the software or compatibility issue. So it’s better to wait until you see any reviews of the software and check whether it supports older generation devices.

One more important thing to be known is, when any newer version of the software is released its still with some bugs it’s just notified to make known about its quality by some user’s to further help in testing it. Hence experts who release software suggest that it’s good to wait until final version of the software is declared. This final will be in two three weeks after introduction of the software to people. Have more information of this software by visiting this link

User’s who own older phone like iPhone 5s, iPad Mini, iPad2 have to wait for final reach of software. Because it mainly creates more problems while installation of new version of software to older hardware bearing phones. Sometimes up-gradation may result in negative result too.

Waiting for software for long time is really hard, I understand but if you want to switch between apps easily in your phone, improve device sensitivity, performance, as well as new battery saving mode then you need to wait until final version of the software is released.

The actual reason for suggesting this way though it’s hard to follow is to avoid software bug to be intact with your iPhone 5s that may create a huge problem in everyday communicating device. You can check for new updates in iOS 9 without the loss of critical functions like text messaging on a device and one more reason for suggesting to wait for final version is previously when users upgraded to iOS 7 they had an issue regarding security. Hackers gained access to data present in phones via lock screen to a bug that made device to constantly reboot. This version gained a bad impression by many consumers. Sometimes even having final version of the software may not work out smoothly on the device as you expected it to be. It’s good to follow and wait with patience to gain a positive impact on your iPhone 5s after up-gradation to iOS 9.