Fix to Corrupt MOV files

At times you could come across corruptions while playing corrupt MOV files on VLC player. It could be a particular file or set of files that shows an error that the file is broken and the player is unable to read it. Moreover, there lies various reasons for why your VLC player is not able to play your files right. For a user, it could prove quite difficult to determine exact cause for the issues occurring with MOV files. It could be the codec issue, virus or malware threats, inappropriate compression, .mov conversion errors and various other issues.  Along this, the media player application could prompt to repair the file with user permissions.

If you know, the Windows VLC media player is capable of fixing your broken MOV. Upon encountering errors with .mov media it prompts you to repair the. Some users usually click on No option. You can rather check the inbuilt repair option available with the VLC program.

Fix MOV using VLC player

  • Launch the VLC application on your system
  • Select Media –> Convert or save
  • Choose add input files or streams
  • Press on Convert or save button
  • In the convert window, specify the filename for the destination file
  • From the list, select desired code option
  • Select the option- Edit Selected Profile
  • You can either select add a new profile or existing profile
  • Click on Start button

VLC will then start repairing MOV file making it play normally in the media player.

Repair .mov using Hi5 software

Alternately, you can repair mov files that are corrupt using a software Hi5 software in one smart tool that instantly repairs broken MOV files. It can fix erroneous MOV files from various devices as memory sticks, external HD, USB drives and memory card devices. Simply download the program- browse the corrupted MO V from the location – Continue to preview and save the file.


AVI File Unable to Play Audio

It’s interesting to watch video of AVI format, if it’s playing smoothly. Any issue to video file like not playing sound but plays video and vice versa can make user fell disappointed to see videos in that condition. If it’s a small size video then no matter of problem in it, you can re-download the similar video file but if the video which is corrupted is mega serial with many episodes or a captured video file then it is bit complicated to sit calm for longer time to get that file back or user may lose captured AVI file sometimes. In such case instead of searching in internet for video you can search for the software that is useful in fixing AVI file not playing sound.

You may have tried with many software’s and for not getting effective solution do not lose hopes as it is possible to fix AVI file not playing sound issues by using an effective and trusted applications like Hi5 Software AVI File Repair tool. This program stands first in repairing AVI file with issues such as no sound, no video, lagging of audio or video file, stucking of video during its play, etc.

Effective features of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair tool:

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is a powerful tool integrated with highly advanced algorithms that can easily and effectively fix AVI video issues to make file playable smoothly as before. Fixing process carried out by this program is in read only mode. I.e. it just extracts the data from original source file fixes it and then generates a new healthy file, in which original corrupted remains unaltered. This playable video can be fixed. Along AVI file repair, toolkit can even fix DivX and XviD videos in matter of minutes.

User finds this software very easy to perform repair of AVI video that is not playing sound because of simple GUI that it involves. Program can even fix password protected and encrypted AVI video files at an ease. It’s a hassle free tool; use of this utility on the system will not affect other files on the system during repair process. Program is compatible to work on any Windows versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008. Even all Macintosh versions including latest version Mavericks are compatible for the software to work on it. If the AVI file which is corrupted is stored on any external storage devices such as pen drive, smart phones, etc. then no worries you can fix them using same software on connecting it to system.

Make use of free version of software and check with the repair process before actual purchase of tool. If found useful then you can proceed with repair of AVI using original tool and get save option enabled. The tool helps users to know whether AVI videos are repaired using free and demo version.

Scenarios that make AVI video inaudible:

The issues which are described in above paragraph are all an indication of corruption or damage to AVI video file. But this corruption/damage occurs due to various reasons as mentioned below.

  • If the media player present on your system does not have proper or supported codec to encode or decode AVI audio and video stream then trial to play AVI video on this player can cause damage to either or both these streams which results video with no audio or vice versa or unplayability.
  • There is possibility of audio stream of AVI video getting damaged, if the audio and video of AVI file is not synchronized properly.
  • Sound of AVI video may not be played, if the header part of AVI video is corrupted or if the storage drive contains too many bad sectors.

Fix not Playing MOV Video

There are numerous video formats to play movie such as MP4, M4V, AVI, etc. Among these MOV is also one video format which is played on QuickTime player. Not only QuickTime Player, MOV is compatible to play smoothly on many video players until it get corrupted.

If user wants to enjoy watching those videos even after corruption issue then only thing he can do is re-download the file to get it as previous, if can’t with this option then they must use software to fix the corruption issue that occur in MOV video. Second option about the software is applicable for all the videos (download large file or recorded video). But user must select the tool that is more powerful in repair aspect. Selection of any toolkit can cause severe damage to the videos than previous making it un-repairable.

Now –a-days every user wishes to watch MOV videos and movies during their leisure time. Some call it as mind refreshment. Losing emotionally attached, official videos, favorite movies can make one depressed. Analyzing that issue as major problem after referring forums, this article is being written.  It helps user know why MOV file won’t play video and only audio and what solution one can consider.

When you are unable to see video but only hear audio of MOV file you must repeat the same file download if available or else repair it using reliable tool named Hi5 Software MOV File Repair. This toolkit is designed using advanced techniques to make the repair successful and use of this wizard makes repair of MOV video without altering source file. It just takes the corrupt video referring to healthy file fix the issue to make the file playable smoothly as before.  Before moving on to its extraordinary features, let me tell you reason for unplayable issue in MOV video.

Why MOV file won’t play video?

  • Trying to open MOV video on unsupported media player may make damage to video stream making it unplayable and only audio may get played.
  • Viruses on the system might be the reason for corrupting video stream making it invisible.
  • After capturing a video of MOV format on any digital cameras, you may tend to transfer this file on to computer. But during transfer process if you remove the device abruptly then it cause damage to MOV header as a result it play only audio.
  • Sometimes performing compression of the video files using untrusted app can cause corruption to MOV video making it to avoid video playability.

If you see that your MOV file is not playing video due to above mentioned reasons then stop your fear of losing videos and download Hi5 Software MOV File Repair app follow few instruction that are specified and get back your video.

Extraordinary features of Hi5 Software MOV File Repair tool:

  • Software is responsible enough to fix corrupted, broken and inaccessible MOV videos in matter of minutes.
  • This award winning utility is capable of repairing large sized video in no time due to application of advanced scanning algorithms.
  • User need not be experienced to use this tool.
  • Various camera models such as Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Kodak, etc. are supported by this toolkit.
  • If you are keen on knowing utility performance without having paid version then you have chance to do so using demo version. You need to preview the result after scan is performed and if you feel beneficial you can go for purchased version and save your previewed videos.
  • If you have any queries regarding the product or steps to be obtained then you can ask to technical support team anytime via email or through call.

Repair Corrupt AVI Files

AVI is a multimedia file format. On a fine day if you try to open one of your AVI file and if it is found inaccessible means what will you do? Obviously you will be in a dilemma as well as in a doubt that how did this happen? Most often your AVI files inaccessibility is due to the corruption. Anyways the reasons can be many which will be discussed further but don’t you want to know how to fix corrupted AVI files? Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is the software which is being discussed on. This application can give you a perfect answer for your question that is; “how to fix corrupted AVI files?” Before going into the detailed solution first have some brief idea on how AVI file got corrupted so that you can avoid video file loss in future.

Update your knowledge on corruption issue:

  • Codec is a program which is used to compress and decompress AVI files for easy transmission so if any corruption occur in the codec while installation it will result in the AVI files leading to inaccessibility of the AVI video.
  • If you are downloading your AVI video in slow network then there is chance of getting partially downloaded AVI file which will be the reason for corruption to that video file.
  • If you are downloading one of your favorite video file from the untrusted site knowingly then it will be in corrupted state before accessing.
  • Bad sector formation on the location of AVI files can also lead to corruption.

Now check out some features of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair which will give you an idea on how to fix corrupted AVI files.

Key factors of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair:

  • Application can perform scanning process to fix corrupted AVI files.
  • Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is constituted with progressive algorithm which will help the tool to fix corrupted AVI files in a wise manner and most of the technical experts refer this application due to their extra ordinary performance.
  • Hi5 Software AVI File Repair can mend any type of severe corruption scenario without extra steps.
  • Software is designed in such a manner that inexperienced users will also find it easy to use.
  • AVI, DIVX and XVID file formats which are unplayable are also easily fixed using Hi5 Software AVI File Repair.
  • AVI files which are present in external storage devices such as external hard disk, flash drives, memory cards, etc. can be used by connecting it to a Windows system.
  • AVI files which are present in the Windows operating systems such as Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 can be fixed using the application.
  • Hi5 Software AVI File Repair also supports AVI video files which are present in Mac operating systems like Mac OS X 10.7, Mac OS X 10.6, Mac OS X 10.8 & Mac OS X 10.9.

As already mentioned the steps for repairing the corrupted AVI file is really simple so above are a nutshell of the software and for the detailed description of how to fix corrupted AVI files? You are free to check out the Hi5 Software AVI File Repair website.


AVI File Repair Software

Sometimes you might experience a scenario where you try to watch your favorite video that is in AVI file format but the video does not play. Rather, it shows some error message. This indicates that the AVI file is damaged. In such situation, you may not know how to fix AVI file and might give up watching video. But from now onwards, your AVI files can be repaired without any complication by using Hi5 Software AVI File Repair, the best AVI file repair software ever.

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is a reliable application which helps in fixing all types of damaged AVI files without any alteration in the native file content. Its impressive and complex algorithm assures effective results in terms of AVI file repair with ease. Its framework is very simple consisting of only few easy steps for fixing the broken AVI files which makes it user friendly interface. It is supported by all the latest version of Windows as well as MAC OS X, thus shows its flexibility to perform in various versions of Windows without installation of any extra features. This application occupies very less memory space of the system, so it is feasible even in those systems which are having less configuration.

The causes of AVI file corruption:

  • If the system itself is affected with virus and malware, then the healthy AVI files present in that system may get damaged.
  • When you choose unsupported media player to play a video of AVI file format, the file is not opened. The continuous try for playing the same video in such unsupported tool may corrupt your file.
  • If any error occurs in the native codec of AVI file, then this may lead to AVI file corruption.
  • Downloading video with AVI format from unsecured sites over the internet may sometimes result in receiving AVI files that are already in corrupted format.
  • Abrupt shut down of the system while watching video causes improper closing of the media player which may result in corruption of AVI file.
  • While transferring AVI files to another system if any interruption occurs, then this scenario results in corruption of the file.
  • If you are not able to fix your AVI files which have been corrupted by above scenario, then here is the easy and best solution called Hi5 Software AVI File Repair tool which mends all type of corrupted AVI files without fail.

Some safety measure tips:

  1. Download Video in AVI format from trusted and secured websites.
  2. Update your Windows Operating System with good Antivirus and keep your system free from virus.
  3. Maintain a backup copy of the AVI files.

Exclusive features of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair:

  • It has the ability to repair all the damaged AVI files, regardless of the damage proportion.
  • This application is capable of repairing AVI files that are larger than 2 GB.
  • Using this software you can also fix corrupted DIVX, XVID and MOV file formats.
  • Built-in algorithm inbuilt within this tool is used to scan and mend large damaged AVI files within no time.
  • This software is also used to fix truncated videos on various Windows and Mac OS based computers.
  • It has the ability to mend both audio and video issues related to AVI file which was not fixed during playback.
  • You can save your repaired AVI files on any external storage device.
  • The tool is very secure as it is free from virus and malware.
  • This repairing utility does not alter the contents of original AVI file, rather it creates a new healthy AVI file.
  • It is a user friendly tool as anyone can understand the software very easily.
  • Preview of the repaired AVI video file can be done before saving it with the help of Preview option available in this application.
  • 24*7 guidance related to Hi5 Software AVI File Repair utility are provided.

Corrupt AVI File Repair

AVI is a multimedia file format which is used to sync both audio and video files. It is a used by many users. Since it is a widely used it is more prone to corruption. Widely used doesn’t mean that it is the only reason for corruption, there are many more causes and reasons for AVI file corruption. We present you software called Hi5 Software AVI File Repair which could fix all kinds of corruption at any cost. There are many features which will explain you the importance of the application to fix corrupt AVI files. One of them is, the utility consist of powerful algorithm designed by the professional experts to scan and fix corrupt AVI files. Initially we will go through some scenarios which make the AVI files in corrupt state.

Scenarios for corruption to AVI files

If you are considering the scenarios you may come across many known and unknown reasons which may have led to AVI file corruption. Codec is a program which helps for compressing and decompressing the data for easy transmission. Suppose if there is some problem in codec while installation, can make your video unplayable. Another reason is if the AVI file header is corrupted you won’t be able to access your .AVI files because when you open those header corrupted files they will simultaneously show error messages and thus .AVI file will be inaccessible. If the media player in which your AVI file needs to be played is attacked by virus it can also lead to corruption in .AVI files. Another corruption scenario is any disturbance which arises when you are downloading your AVI file may sometimes lead to truncated file or inaccessibility of the file. Mishandling of the AVI files repeatedly when the file is in use is also a cause for corruption. If your .AVI files are present in the location of the hard drive where there are bad sectors then chances are more for those .AVI files to get corrupted.

So how do you feel by checking out the scenarios? Do you feel helpless? Worry not; corrupt AVI File repair can be done with Hi5 Software AVI File Repair tool in span of minutes.

Features of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair

  • Application is loaded with progressive algorithms which help in scanning and fix corrupt AVI files very easily.
  • It is a utility which is preferred by most of the repairing experts due to their extra ordinary performance.
  • Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is a safe to use wizard because of their simple designing and execution.
  • Curtailed part of the .AVI file due to the downloading error can also be fixed using this tool.
  • Apart from AVI it can also mend file formats such as AVI, DIVX and XVID which is inaccessible due to any reasons.
  • Hi5 Software AVI File Repair repairs AVI files present in external drives like hard disk, memory cards, pen drive, etc.
  • “Save Recovery Session” is a feature provided by the utility to resume rescanning and save the session after purchasing the software.
  • Trial version helps the user to get an idea about how can one fix corrupt AVI files and carry on with the fixing procedure.

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair supported file formats

Video file formats – AVI, DIVX and XVID

Operating System supported by Hi5 Software AVI File Repair

For Mac: OS X 10.7 (Lion), OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) & OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

For Windows: Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008

Technique to Repair AVI File

Common errors that occur while opening AVI file:

  • AVI file could not be read.
  • AVI file is broken.
  • Header file is corrupted

If your favorite AVI file is showing these above mentioned errors then it is easily understood that AVI file is corrupted and it no longer playable. Are you familiar with these errors and bored for trying too many ways to fix it? If so, then make use of provided perfect solution named Hi5 Software AVI File Repair application, as it will give complete assistance on how to perform AVI file repair effortlessly. There are many benefits of using this toolkit. before explaining them in detail, let me give you an idea on cause for corruption or damage to AVI file.

Scenarios responsible for corruption to AVI file:

  • Third Party Application: If you use third party application for accessing AVI files then this app can damage the AVI video file. such files are unplayable anymore.
  • Interrupted AVI Video: While playing AVI video files, if any interruption occurs like sudden system shut down, system issue, etc. then you may get corrupted header file. If the header gets corrupted due to any issue then you will not be able to play AVI video file anymore.
  • Incompatible Media Player: If you try to play AVI video file on the unsupported media player repeatedly then it may cause damage to the AVI video making it corrupt badly and become unplayable.
  • Bad Sectors: If the AVI file is stored on location in which there is presence of too many bad sectors then your video file may easily get corrupted.
  • Insufficient Storage Space: If there is no enough space on the partition to store the recorded avi video then it is resulting in damage to the avi video file.

To avoid the above mentioned scenarios you can better follow few safety measure like:

Precautionary Measures:

  • It’s advised to keep backup of important AVI files.
  • Install a good antivirus program and perform regular scan to remove infected files and folders.
  • Follow proper method to close the opened application.
  • do not interruption during download of AVI file.

If you fail to follow these measures then there is chance of corruption or damage to your downloaded AVI video file. Even too get bak the AVI file from such situaion our experts designed tool named Hi5 Softwarfe AVI File Repair, you can use this tool and perform repair as soon as possible and without any hurdles

Features of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair Tool:

Hi5 Software AVI File Repair is developed by technical experts to securely fix AVI file at ease. This toolkit repairs both audio and video files of AVI video file separtlately and then adjoins them to make it playable. In addition to AVI file repair, this software has enough potential to fix DivX and XviD files within short span of time. Simple interface of the utility helps any inexpert user to mend AVI file without any knowledgables assistance.

You can make use of demo version of the wizard to practically know  how to repair AVI file using  this software. You can preview the repaired AVI video by using preview option provided in trial version.  If the result obtained is found to be beneficial or usuful then you can move for licensed version. after purchase you can save the repaired files in CD or DVD. If you find any doubts about the repair procedure or about product details then you can contact our techinical experts, they are available 24/7.

Supported system requirements:

Operating system : Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, WindowsVista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008

OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), OS X 10.7 (Lion), OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) & OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)


Simple Technique to Repair AVI

AVI is one of the popular video formats developed by Microsoft. These AVI videos are compatible to play on any media players like real media player, Windows media player, media player classic, etc. If at any moment you are unable to play your AVI file on these media player then it is indication of corruption or damage to the video file.This corruption/damage to video file may be due to use of untrusted antivirus application, header corruption, improper codec, incomplete download, etc. If you are unable to play the video file due to any reason then need not worry much on it. Just download Hi5 Software AVI File Repair. This toolkit can fix unplayable AVI file easily within very less time.

Why use Hi5 Software AVI File Repair?

Hi5 software AVI file repair is one of the finest tools to execute AVI file repair effortlessly as the software is specially designed using powerful repairing algorithms by the professional experts to perform that AVI repair task. This app is named as best AVI file fixer as the process is carried out without damaging other files present on the device because the software is found to be virus free.

When AVI file get corrupted/ damaged and when the software become essential?

  • Virus Intrusion: If the system in which AVI file is stored is infected by virus then there is maximum chance of AVI header getting corrupt due to virus. If this header is corrupted then you will not be able to play that video file anymore on Windows system. As the header contains all vital information related to that AVI video file such as creation date, modification date, file size, etc.
  • Interrupted Download Process: While you are downloading an AVI video file, if at all any interruption occurs then you may be successful in downloading it but with some related files missing. Hence such downloaded video files throw error when you try to play them.
  • Incompatible Media Player: If you repeatedly try to play the AVI video file on an incompatible media player then it can result in corrupted video file making it unplayable.
  • Improper Conversion: If you try to convert the AVI file to other format using improper method then it may end up in between the conversion process causing damage to AVI file. Such damaged files are inaccessible until it is fixed.

If you are unable to play AVI video file due to any of the above mentioned reasons then do not hassle about it. You can perform AVI file fixing with the aid of fabulous repair application named Hi5 software AVI file repair.

Features of Hi5 Software AVI File Repair:

To perform AVI file repair it is always suggested to use an efficient Hi5 software AVI file repair program. This utility uses read only mode i.e. it just extracts the content of the original file separates both audio and video files, repair them and generates a new healthy file. This application also helps user in fixing XVID and DIVX video files that are unplayable because of numerous reasons. This avi file repairing software can be used on any version of both Windows and Mac based system. simple friendly interface of this wizard helps any inexpert users to carry out AVI file repair without facing any complications.  To know more about repair process with detailed steps just download the app which is available free of cost. Before buying licensed version you can preview the repaired content and verify the efficiency or performance of the tool.