Fix Photos in Photoshop

People use Adobe Photoshop program for modifying pictures. Photoshop files will be identified by .psd or .pdd or .psb file extensions. A Photoshop file consists of several layers and any damage to these layers will result in to inaccessibility of PSD file.

Corruption or damage to PSD files created using Adobe version is increasing rapidly nowadays. While opening such corrupt PSD files user receives many error notifications such as “Unexpected end of file error”, “There was a problem reading the layer data”, “Read the composite data instead?”, “Unable to open the requested file” and so on. Users often get worried and disappointed after getting these error message and they start wondering how to fix photos in Photoshop? In order to deal with PSD file corruption problems, one reliable software named as Hi5 Software PSD File Repair has been released. This software is an effective remedy to repair photos in Photoshop.

List of scenarios that cause damage to your Photoshop files are:

  • Use of improper third party applications to open Photoshop files may result in the content being damaged due to which it cannot be opened by the user
  • Abrupt power surge while you are working on the Photoshop file can affect contents of photos in Photoshop, which cannot be accessed.
  • Upgrading your Adobe Photoshop to higher versions will cause damage to PSD files due to incompatibility issues.
  • Virus infections to your computer can cause damage to photos in Photoshop making them inaccessible.
  • Compressing PSD or PDD files to decrease the file size can sometimes result in PSD file corruption.

Why Hi5 Software PSD File Repair?

Hi5 Software PSD File Repair is a renowned PSD file repairing software to fix corrupt or damaged photos of Photoshop within short span of time. It is nondestructive read only software which makes this tool extraordinary for PSD file repair. This utility is designed in simple manner which gives step to step guidance to tech novice users. Before buying paid version you can check efficiency of the software by trying its demo version. Apart from this it also facilitates customers with 24X7 technical support to solve their queries regarding Hi5 Software PSD File Repair.

Significant Features of Hi5 Software PSD File Repair:

  • It has ability to repair PSD and PDD files swiftly.
  • App can repair files created by all versions of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Along with repairing corrupt PSD files it also recovers layer and mask files.
  • RLE compresses PSD files can also be fixed using this program.
  • It can also repair large size PSD and PDD files.
  • Utility supports all latest versions of Windows Operating System such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.
  • It also supports all latest versions of Mac Operating system such as Mac OS X 10.5 x (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7(Lion), Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) & Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks).

Handy Tips to avoid PSD file corruption:

  • Always maintain proper backup of important PSD files in external storage devices.
  • While downloading PSD file avoid interruption.
  • Use secure third party compression techniques for compressing any file.

Efficient Software to Fix Windows 8 Photoshop CS6 Crash

Nowadays every user prefers using Windows 8 system for their work because of its simple interface and some advanced and improved features. If you are using Photoshop CS6 to edit photos to give good look then some or other day you may have faced Photoshop CS6 crash Windows 8 system. This crash to Photoshop tool occurs due to many unforeseen reasons.

If you are one who has experienced trouble after photo CS6 crash Windows 8 and tired of trying many tools to fix it then I can just confidently utter you that try with Hi5 Software PSD File Repair, it will your last tool to overcome the issue.

What I know about this software and reason for suggesting you guys:

When I used this utility for same reason I found the software as fast recovery, quite simple and virus free app. When in curiosity I proceed to know about this toolkit, I came to know that it is designed by well skilled experts using integrated algorithms mainly to fix Photoshop CS6 crash Windows 8. With this app we can perform the repair process without altering original quality of PSD file. I was wondered how this software is used by any user even with less computer knowledge but after referring this software I understood that it is designed using simple GUI which help users perform fixing in simplest way without any assistance.

The article which I read to know this tool confirmed me some things that, in addition to fixing Windows 8 Photoshop crash this toolkit is capable enough to fix both PSD and PDD files within few moments. By employing this software one can repair and recover layers, color code, effects, etc. Using this wizard you can repair PSD files of depth 1, 8, 16, 32 in less time. Even RLE compressed PSD files can be repaired using this toolkit. Hence gain all these benefits by using this tool and solve Photoshop CS6 crash Windows 8 issue in matter of minutes.

If you are still in confused state about my words then you have one more option. I.e. Demo version:

Make use of this demo version. Installation of this app is free and it takes very less space of about 50MB. This demo version will give complete idea on how to fix Photoshop CS6 crash on Windows 8 in detail with screen instructions. Preview repaired files with the help of preview option before restoration. These repaired PSD after Photoshop crash in Windows 8 system can be saved to CD or DVD or to any other location after purchasing licensed version. You can clarify your queries regarding product or repairing steps from our technical expert’s team who are available 24*7.

Steps to be followed:

  • Download and install demo version of the tool.
  • Select the corrupted Photoshop application and click on repair
  • Repairing process begins by scanning the app.
  • Soon after completion of repair process one can view repaired files using preview option.
  • These repaired files can be saved by purchasing registered version.

Reasons for Photoshop CS6 crash on Windows 8:

  • Viruses’ present on Windows 8 system may crash the Photoshop CS6 application and corrupt other files present in hdd.
  • If there is presence of too many bad sectors on location on which Photoshop CS6 app is stored in Windows 8 system then it may lead to crash of that application.
  • If you terminate the Photoshop CS6 app present on Windows 8 abruptly without using manual way then there is a chance of crash to that application.
  • If you try to open PSD file which is created using earlier version on Photoshop CS6 then due to this incompatibility issue you may see crash in Photoshop CS6 app.
  • If you are upgrading Photoshop CS6 to newer version using improper method then you may face crash to this application.


Simple Technique to Fix PSD File

“Hi guys, I am a professional photographer, I edited almost all wedding photos in Photoshop application only few of them were remaining. I was about to finish editing of all those pics by evening but soon after I got a call that my friend met with an accident, with my unconscious mind, I closed the system without closing the background applications and moved out in hurry. When I restarted my system next day I clicked on PSD file many times to edit and view but I was unable to view the file instead I was shocked to see error message. As they are to be submitted on time, I can’t keep on wasting time to rework on photos using Photoshop application. Can you suggest me how to do PSD file repair if you experienced the same?”

Well, if such edited files are inaccessible then any user may get temper for losing their effort and time. But now onwards no need of getting tensed and reacting in an uneasy way as it is now easy to execute psd file repair using the experts recommended software named Hi5 Software PSD File Repair. This application can fix corrupt or damaged PSD files quickly and safely as the tool is hassle free.

Why Hi5 Software PSD File Repair is beneficial to repair PSD file?

Hi5 software PSD file repair is the one of the top rated tools in market to repair PSD file regardless of its cause. It can repair the PSD file by just extracting contents of the original file and generates new healthy file. Hence the source file becomes unaltered. This application can even fix RLE compressed files in matter of minutes.

Common reasons for corruption of PSD file:

  • Interruption of Download Process: If download of PSD file is interrupted due to any reason then it is obvious that downloaded file will be in corrupted state. It is impossible to access such corrupted PSD files until repaired using any tool.
  • Compressing PSD file: If you try to compress PSD file in an inappropriate way then you may end up with an error between the processes. This error indicates damage to PSD file. Hence it is necessary to have knowledge before performing compression task.
  • Interruption of Editing Process: While editing PSD file on Photoshop if any interruption occurs like sudden system shut down or software malfunction then it may result in inaccessible corrupt PSD file.
  • File Extension: If you change the file extension of PSD file for some reason then there are chances of PSD file getting corrupt.

If you are unable to open the PSD file due to above specified reasons then immediately download Hi5 Software PSD File Repair and fix PSD file successfully. You can even gain other benefits of this application. Let me tell you its other qualities in detail.

Features of Hi5 Software PSD File Repair:

  • Hi5 Software PSD File Repair has a potential to carry out PSD file repair that are created on different versions of Photoshop.
  • This app is compatible on both Windows and Mac based platforms.
  • With the aid of this toolkit, you can easily fix PSD images with depth 1, 8, 16, 32, bits per channel in fraction of seconds.
  • You can mend PDD files and make it accessible by using this program.
  • Make use of demo version of the tool to know about repair process in detail. You can preview the fixed PSD files using trial version.
  • Technical assistance is provided 24/7 to clear all your queries.