Microsoft Updates Skype after users slam Redesign

We all know that our favorite Skype app has been recodifies with the interface. Though the Microsoft developers tried to work upon it but coming to the user point of view the new interface is not that much appreciated. Well, the company boasted that they have recreated the best ever version but most of the iOS and Android users were disappointed. This is due to lack of available features which includes the status display that allows users to see whether their contacts are online or not.

You may get surprised that the Microsoft Skype community forum is full of complaints regarding the app and this has probably decreased the app rating to 1.5 stars. Apart from that, the Skype users are very much upset because of the removal of the available and invisible option. They also mentioned that turning off the largely animated emojis was not a great decision. But the Skype team is ready to consider all these feedbacks and they will work upon this in the near future.

What will you like about the new Skype update?

The good thing about the Skype latest update is that it can easily delete the contacts and conversations. It will also support other apps for calling as well as fixing the notifications.  The new Skype will allow you to start fresh conversations, profile visit and browse the dial-up pad from the most recent conversations. Well, the update also ensures that the use of Windows can share files, pictures, videos, and links. You can check out the new emoji reaction feature which is available for instant responses to any of your friend’s message or video.

Methods to Fix External Drive Not Showing up in Windows 7

External drives either external hard drives or USB flash drives should be easy to use. Sometimes, you may connect your external drive to a Windows 7 computer and find that it is not recognized. It can be caused by dead USB ports, driver issues in Windows, partition issues on your drive, wrong file system or other problems. If external hard drive or USB drive not showing up in Windows 7, then don’t worry, try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Try a different PC: Use the external drive on another system and check whether it is detected. This will verify whether the drive is dead or broken.
  • Plug external drive into a different USB port: Unplug the external drive and plug it into a different USB port on your PC. It’s possible that the USB port on the PC is dead.
  • Avoid USB hubs: Directly connect the USB drive into one of your PC’s USB port instead of plugging it into a USB hub. Some USB hub doesn’t provide enough power supply for your external drive to work.

Handy methods to fix external drive not showing up in Windows 7

Once you have performed the above troubleshooting steps, you are ready to fix the problem. Here are some easy methods based on the problems that you found when finding the external drive in Disk Management.

Method 1: Partition the external drive

Go to Disk Management and if the external drive is full of unallocated space with unpartitioned, then you need to create a new partition on it. Here are the steps to create a new partition on your drive.

  1. Click Win+R keys to open a Run prompt
  2. In the Run dialog box, enter mscand click OK tab
  3. Right-click the unallocated space on the external drive, then choose New Simple Volumeoption and follow the onscreen instructions to create a new partition

Method 2: Assign drive letter for the external drive

In Disk Management, if the external drive has not been assigned a drive letter, then follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click on your drive and choose Change Drive Letter and Paths option
  2. Click Add icon and press OK to choose the first available drive letter

Method 3: Enable the external drive

If the external drive is not enabled, then it won’t show up in Windows. Follow below steps to enable the drive.

  1. Launch Device Manager
  2. Double-click on your external drive and select Enable Device tab
  3. Click Next icon, then press Finish

Method 4: Format the drive

Note: Formatting cleans out the entire data stored on the drive, so you need to backup all important files first before continuing the process.

The external drive does not show up in Windows when you accidentally canceled a format operation on the drive. In such case, use Disk Management and format the external drive to solve drive not showing up after canceling format. To do so, right-click on the drive, click Format option and choose the desired file system.

Further, if you wish to wish to recover hard drive data without formatting, then you can make us of Hi5 Software. As this tool will help you to restore deleted/formatted/missing files with great ease.

Fix to Corrupt MOV files

At times you could come across corruptions while playing corrupt MOV files on VLC player. It could be a particular file or set of files that shows an error that the file is broken and the player is unable to read it. Moreover, there lies various reasons for why your VLC player is not able to play your files right. For a user, it could prove quite difficult to determine exact cause for the issues occurring with MOV files. It could be the codec issue, virus or malware threats, inappropriate compression, .mov conversion errors and various other issues.  Along this, the media player application could prompt to repair the file with user permissions.

If you know, the Windows VLC media player is capable of fixing your broken MOV. Upon encountering errors with .mov media it prompts you to repair the. Some users usually click on No option. You can rather check the inbuilt repair option available with the VLC program.

Fix MOV using VLC player

  • Launch the VLC application on your system
  • Select Media –> Convert or save
  • Choose add input files or streams
  • Press on Convert or save button
  • In the convert window, specify the filename for the destination file
  • From the list, select desired code option
  • Select the option- Edit Selected Profile
  • You can either select add a new profile or existing profile
  • Click on Start button

VLC will then start repairing MOV file making it play normally in the media player.

Repair .mov using Hi5 software

Alternately, you can repair mov files that are corrupt using a software Hi5 software in one smart tool that instantly repairs broken MOV files. It can fix erroneous MOV files from various devices as memory sticks, external HD, USB drives and memory card devices. Simply download the program- browse the corrupted MO V from the location – Continue to preview and save the file.


Amazing Word File Repair Tool

Overview –

Microsoft Word is used as text editor with many features and it is a part of MS office. This word processing application has many features such as text, font size, color, picture, clip art, page color, page border, thesaurus etc. Despite having many features users may face corruption of Word files on Windows Operating System. Everyone need to know how to repair corrupted Word file? It is possible to repair Word file with amazing tool like Hi5 Software Word File Repair.

Hi5 Software Word File Repair –

Hi5 Software Word File Repair is uniquely designed to repairs corrupt, damaged or inaccessible MS Word .doc/.docx files with ease. This tool is safe, simple, secure software so that every user can use this tool without any difficulties. This tool provides preview option to view the repaired Doc files once the scanning process is finished. To save the repaired files you have to purchase the licensed version of our software. It supports Word file repair from hard drive types such as memory cards, flash drives, FireWire drives, external hard drives etc.

Exclusive Features of Hi5 Software Word File Repair –

  • Amazing word file repair tool to fix doc files which refuses to open due to severe corruption
  • This Word file repair tool not only mend Word file but also recovers text, OLE objects, formatting, fields including hyperlinks from corrupt Doc files
  • Mend Word file which are usually large in size
  • Restored file contents can be stored in any destination location accessible to the host Operating System
  • It is used to repair Word file created by using Microsoft Word 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013 versions
  • Supports all the latest versions of Windows Operating such as Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 and 2008

Reasons for Word File Corruption –

  • Round Tripping – Rounding tripping is the process of converting the Word file documents from one format to another i.e. .doc to .docx or vice versa. While converting the Word file format to other, there might be chances for .doc file getting corrupted
  • Reinstalling OS – While reinstalling OS on your system due to virus attack, sometimes this might also cause the corruption of DOC/Docx files and makes it inaccessible to the users.
  • Transfer Error – While transferring word files from system to other storage media, if there are any interruptions like power loss, abrupt system shutdown, sudden removal of external storage media etc. It might cause corruption of Word files.
  • Other Scenarios – Macro virus, Microsoft office upgradation, improper file transfer, CRC error, abrupt system shutdown, power surge etc that also leads to the corruption of Word files

Steps –

  • Download and install the trial version of Hi5 Software Word File Repair Software on your system
  • Select your corrupted doc file and click “Repair” option
  • Our software will scan your corrupted doc file and fix it
  • Use “Preview” option to preview the corrupted doc file
  • Purchase the licensed version of our software to save the repaired files

Precautions to be taken –

  • Keep back of important Doc/Docx files to restore incase of unexpected data loss
  • Download and install effective antivirus software to scan your system from dreadful viruses
  • Avoid saving the repaired file in same destination from where it gets corrupted

The Perfect Way to Retrieve Media Files from External Hard Drive on Mac

As the external hard drives get larger and cheaper, it is easy to load data to them. It is also easy to erase files or have them lost due to variety of reasons. For example, data disaster is almost guaranteed to strike at some point if you have not transferred files from the drive since for a long time, or the storage has been infected by viruses, etc.

What if you had saved all your valuable media files on external hard drive?

While there is no limit for the media file recovery software out there, most of them are primarily designed for recovering media files from external hard drive. One important thing to be noted here is to choose the right application to handle the task.

Well, this article is all about that right recovery software to retrieve media files from external hard drive safely as well as quickly.

Which is that program and how do you test its ability?

The utility we are talking about here is Hi5 Photo Recovery Software for Mac. Using its trial version, you can first test its efficiency level by previewing recovered files. If the outcome results are found to be satisfied, then only you can activate the license key by purchasing the product.

You no need to worry about the scanning of the drive once again after purchasing Hi5 Photo Recovery Application for Mac. Because, you will get one option called “Save Recovery Session”, using which you can avoid rescanning of the drive.

Supported Mac operating systems

The program can be installed on Mac devices (MacBook, iMac, MacBook Pro, etc.) running with any popular versions of Mac operating systems. The supported Mac OS X are – Mac OS X 10.5 x (Leopard), Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks), Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite), Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan) and Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra).

How to recover media files from external hard drive on Mac?

Download and launch Hi5 Photo Recovery Software for Mac. Now you need to connect your external hard drive to software installed Mac machine. From the welcome screen, choose either “Deleted Photo Recovery” or “Lost Photo Recovery” depending on your loss scenarios. Next, select external hard disk drive connected to your Mac machines and click on “Next” option. Once the process gets completed, check recovered media files using “Preview” option and save the same by clicking on “Save” option.

Piece of information…

  • Don’t save restored media files on the same victim external hard drive
  • As soon as the files get deleted or lost from the storage device, stop using that device as there are chances for data over writing, which then turns into bid issue in recovering back files
  • To prevent data loss, it always better to backup files on a regular basis

Benefits of Hi5 Photo Recovery Application for Mac

  • Friendly user interface makes you to navigate through the software easily and accomplish the task of retrieving media files from external hard drive in simple steps
  • Restores almost all types of digital media files including videos, songs, movies, RAW digital images, processed pictures, and many more
  • Not only external hard drives, but also helps to restore data from Mac internal hard drives, FireWire drives, iPods, memory cards, and many more
  • Supports recovery of media files from external hard drive of all popular brands
  • One can employ this utility on MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, etc. to recover media files
  • Compatible with the devices formatted with HFS+, HFSX, FAT file systems

Solution to Data Recovery after Format and Reinstallation

I formatted my computer assuming that the data was already backed up and I re-installed OS to remove all unwanted glitches…

This is the most common phrase uttered by the tech users…

Most of us would have accidentally formatted the drive or intentionally formatted due to any purposeful reasons. Furthermore, system installation refers to formatting the hard drive. Reinstalling the OS is either system upgradation or it may be even the installation of current version. This is explained by an example:

“My pc was very slow and unstable. So decided to reinstall Windows on my computer. After the installation, I found all of my files are gone. Some of the files are taken backup and some recent files are not having back up which I lost completely…”

The above example is for an intentional format, and most of the time computer forces the user to forcefully format the drive because of its vulnerable OS errors and low performance. But at this situation you must be cautious about the data. Don’t think that it’s not possible to restore data after format and reinstall when there is no back up of data.

No matter the type of format of hard drive. It’s possible to recover the data completely until and unless data space remains free and not occupied by new files.

Reasons for formatting and reinstalling Windows OS:

Invalid FAT/NTFS: When the FAT/NTFS boot sector is damaged, or corrupted then you will be forced to format the computer

Windows Registry error: Everything whatever we do in computer is recorded in Windows registry and if it is destroyed then reinstallation of OS is necessary

Virus Attack: Due to the severe attack of the Trojan viruses and malware the system gets totally mess up and reduces system performance

Need for Upgradation of OS: When system is too old, need to update the operating system in order to make use of latest features of Windows

Conversion of FAT to NTFS Disks and Vice Versa: If there is any error or interruption during the file system conversion it makes the system inaccessible and forces to format the hard drive partition.

There are many more reasons for the system format and reinstall, but in all such scenarios there will be a need for the recovery tool. Hi5 Partition Recovery Software is highly trustworthy software used in recovering data after format and reinstall.

Hi5 Partition Recovery Software – A better solution in recovery of data!

To overcome such annoying data loss scenarios, it’s highly recommended to use this software because it helps you to find the lost data after the reinstallation of Windows. This is professionally designed software to retrieve data after format and reinstall of Windows OS and this works on advanced algorithm, to perform a full scan and retrieve the data to greater extent.

Additional features of Hi5 Partition Recovery:

  • With the help of this efficient program it’s possible to retrieve all type of files easily
  • It can recover data from Windows hard drive and other external drives such as USB, flash drives etc.
  • Nondestructive nature of the tool is an added value because it helps to maintain integrity of the recovered data
  • This wizard is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and also recovers from Windows Server 2003/2008/ 2012 system partitions
  • Effective performance of the utility helps to restore formatted partition data in quick time
  • Free evaluation version of this tool is available to preview the restored data.


Once you find crucial data loss. Immediately remove the hard drive and connect to any other computer and make it as a secondary drive and try recovery method.

How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from CF Card

Compact Flash Card is very popular among different types of storage cards, since this card is portable, quick, easy to use and has large storage capacity. CF Card is similar to the SD/SDHC card but these CF cards are incomparable with any other devices because of its high end performance. Compact flash cards are most commonly used in Digital Cameras and supported by many professionals and normal people too.

Hopefully even you would be one such user of CF card, that’s the reason you have landed upon this page.

Being a CF card user you might have experienced deletion of your photos unexpectedly or deleted manually by mistake. But I am very sure that those captured images will be very dear to you. Perhaps, if you did not find any back up of these deleted files then it would be a real tragedy; Now you will be very much tensed and start searching the possible ways for recovering deleted photos from CF Card, if you get a solution its well and good but if you didn’t find; don’t be upset. CF card recovery is not simple as compared to a normal SD card recovery and for that you need a proper recovery tool to get back all the deleted photos.

Hi5 Photo Recovery Software, is one such reliable application which is trusted by many of the users, because of its professional software features.

Hi5 Photo Recovery Application:

With such an advanced recovery toolkit, it’s possible to retrieve the deleted photos. Besides it can also recover music files, videos etc. This task can be completed with only few steps and its cost efficient, which works well on Windows OS. Now don’t wait… just look at the unique features and start using the application.

  • Scanning mechanism is very powerful and hence scan result will be as much as user’s expectation
  • Recover photos of all types from Digital Camera, Camcorder, etc.
  • Developed the software in such a way that it is easy for the users to navigate through the recovery steps.
  • This tool helps in retrieving RAW photos
  • Supports file systems such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT
  • This software can also be used in case of formatting scenarios
  • Preview option is provided after the scanning in order to evaluate the recovery session
  • Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool provides step by step procedure to restore deleted photos from CF Card
  • Compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2003/2008
  • Free demo version of the software is available which is similar to paid version without a Save option.

Reasons for deletion of Photos from CF Card:

File or data deletion is severe nowadays in memory cards and as well as other storage devices. There are several reasons behind which that can happen with:

Manual Deletion: As we are humans we always tend to do mistake and delete some of the photos unknowingly in a fraction of second.

Un intentional format of CF Card: Formatting either can be done when CF card is connected to PC or even when it’s in camera. This formatting process will not delete the photos completely and hence its recoverable.

How to prevent deletion of photos from CF Card?

  • Back up all the important files often to any safe storage device which is easy when you use good card reader for transfer process
  • Always try using reliable CF cards, otherwise there are more chances of losing the photos

Note: The complete recovery is possible only when there are no new data written on that free space after the deletion of files.













Know How to Unformat Mac Hard Drive


Do you want to recover files from formatted Mac hard disk? Hi5 Software Partition Recovery for Mac will help you thoroughly in recovering data from Mac hard drive after format in just few simple steps! Give a try and get to know how to unformat Mac hard drive in an easy way.

As a Mac user, you may sometimes experience the issue of losing videos, movies, photos, important documents and many other data stored in Mac hard disk. Especially when you perform format process, there are high chances of facing data loss problem when you format hard disk drive, without checking the proper data backup.

Immediately stop using Mac hard disk after losing data.

Piece of Knowledge

Avoid adding / writing on your Mac hard drive by adding any new files, images, or any kind of document. Adding new files to the same disk would overwrite the deleted file space and this could cause the less chances of recovering data from formatted Mac hard disk. If you’re willing to restore formatted Mac hard drive data, it is better to keep the hard disk aside and make use of reliable application which will recover data from formatted Mac hard drive successfully.

First aid would be your data backup!

It is always recommended to maintain data backup on a regular basis, that will help you overcome from the data loss situations easily at times.

What to do when don’t have backup?

If the absence of data copy, users always rely on hard drive data recovery tools, in such cases Hi5 Software Partition Recovery comes into picture.

Mac users searching for a tool to recover data from formatted Mac hard drive is clearly explained in this post. Step by step guide for restoring formatted hard disk data on all versions of Mac machines in an organized manner.

How to perform Mac hard disk data recovery process?

To restore formatted Mac hard drive data, you need to first download demo version of Hi5 Partition Recovery Software for Mac and launch the tool. From the very first screen select ‘Formatted / Reformatted Recovery’ option. In the next screen software will ask you to select the drive, choose the appropriate formatted hard disk and click on ‘Next’ option to initiate the recover process. After completing the recovery process, users can check recovered data using ‘Preview’ option.

Formatted Mac hard drive recovery isn’t that difficult, when you use this toolkit!

Key Features of Hi5 Recovery Tool

  • Capable of recovering data from formatted Mac hard drives with pace
  • Not only retrieve data from formatted hard disk, it will also help you recover files and folders from other external hard drives such as – USB drives, flash cards, external hard disks, etc,
  • It will recover entire hard drive data including photos, movies, documents, audio, music files, videos and many more in less time
  • Facilitated with ‘Preview’ option which lets you view files after recovery
  • Offers demo and full version of the software. Users can download any of their choice
  • Hi5 Software Partition Recovery for Mac can be downloaded and installed on Sierra, Yosemite, El Capitan, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopar, etc.

Tips to avoid data loss from Mac machines

  • Have a habit of keeping data backup on regular basis
  • Avoid unnecessary formatting of the hard disk
  • Stop using the drive after losing data

Damaged RAR Archive Repair Tool

Are you facing trouble accessing RAR archive? It is not allowing you to access the files compressed in it? Compressed files are more prone to corruption and damage issues. While extracting RAR file you may come across many errors, which will lead to inaccessibility of RAR file and access will be denied at times.

This might happen due to numerous causes,

  • Downloading RAR archive from erratic sites
  • If the WinRAR file header is corrupted
  • If the RAR archive is virus infected
  • Showing errors – unexpected end of WinRAR file
  • Error message indicating CRC failed, CRC errors
  • And many others

When archive is corrupted, it is not easy to extract. So you can try below mentioned solution.

Give a try using Hi5 Software RAR File Repair, which is specifically designed to fix corrupt RAR archive. It is one of the finest way to repair damaged RAR archive in a simple way, when it is not possible to re-download such archive, or if the user doesn’t own backup of data. Hi5 RAR File Repair Software will help users to easily fix and repair corrupted, broken and inaccessible RAR archive just by following few simple steps.

Why Hi5 RAR File Repair Utility is preferred?

One of the highly recommended tool for repairing damaged RAR files used across the world. Gives complete guidance on how to fix corrupt RAR archive in few steps. Highlighting feature of this tool is – it doesn’t alter or change the file content of the RAR file while repairing RAR archives.

Following tutorial will help you fix damaged RAR file in minutes,

You just need to download and install Hi5 RAR File Repair Software on your Windows system, and forget about the issues present in RAR archive as Hi5 Software RAR File Repair will effectively fix corrupt RAR archive in a short interval of time. Repaired RAR file can be viewed by making use of ‘Preview’ option.

Advantages of using Hi5 RAR File Repair Software

  • No changes will be made to the original RAR archive while repairing damaged one
  • It works on read only programming mode, also supports all WinRAR versions
  • Using this app, one can even extract password protected RAR files
  • Other feature of this tool is, it does not change any data from the files rather it gives you a new healthy repaired RAR file without any loss of file
  • Contact anytime, 24*7 technical support will be provided to all Hi5 products


No matter due to what reasons RAR archive is damaged, but with the aid of Hi5 RAR File Repair Software one can efficiently learn how to repair damaged RAR file in a couple of easy steps. You can also use the demo version of this software, which will help in evaluating the software performance before activating the licensed version. If you’re happy with the software results and willing to save repaired RAR archive, then you can move on activating the full version.

Repaired RAR archive can be stored on any desired location on your host computer.

Canon Photo Recovery Software: How to Recover Images from Canon Digital Camera on Mac OS X

Photography has become more popular in the present days. People are fond of capturing photos and videos, as they are the most efficient method that could hold on to the precious memories. Now everyone is familiar with digital cameras and digital camcorders, well-known as DSLR’s / SLR’s. In this, Canon is the one of the most famous brand of digital cameras which produces some great quality lens cameras from the past few years in the market.

Have you ever unknowingly deleted images from your Canon digital cameras? Or did you formatted camera card and lost all essential pictures? What do you do when you come across such photo loss cases?


No need to get panic on such situations, because there exists solution!!

And here’s how

Restoring photos deleted or lost from Canon digital camera is not a big deal now. All you need is a high quality Canon photo recovery for Mac utility which will help you restore images from Canon camera card on Mac which were deleted or lost due to various unfortunate reasons.

And here’s the One!!

With the help of Hi5 Photo Recovery Software for Mac one can successfully recover photos from Canon camera of any models and series. Software is designed in such a way that every computer user can use it without anyone’s help. Designed and developed using latest scanning and recovery techniques which makes it possible to restore deleted pictures from Canon camera on Mac machines. Any versions of OS X users can easily download and install it on Mac machines (Sierra, El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard).

How missing or deleted photos are recoverable?

Whenever any file is deleted or is missing, only the file reference will be deleted from the file system but the file content will be existing on the same location drive. Only recovery of such files or photos can be done where the drive or the camera card is not being used after losing images. When any new image files are added to the same card, then new pictures will overwrite the deleted one’s. If this happens, then it will be very difficult for any recovery tools to retrieve deleted photos on Canon camera.

To make photo recovery process successful, stop/avoid using Canon camera after realizing the photos are deleted or missing. Totally avoid added / using any new photos or videos to the same Canon digital camera card.

Benefits of using Hi5 Photo Recovery Tool for Mac

  • Easy and simple user interface photo recovery wizard
  • Allows users to recover photos from Canon camera that are deleted, lost or formatted card
  • It is capable enough of recovering pictures of all image formats, including RAW images such as – CRW, CR2, ARW, PEF, etc. captured from all popular digital camera brads Nikon, Panasonic, Fujifilm, Olympus, GoPro, and many others
  • It lets you view photos once the recovery process is completed and before you proceed further to make sure whether the image files are as your expectations

What causes deletion or loss of Photos from Canon camera (card)

  • Improper handling of camera
  • Capturing photos even when the battery is running on low battery
  • Overloading camera card with more number of images and videos exceeding its storage limit which will leads to card corruption

All these photo loss issues will be resolved with the help of proficient Hi5 Software Photo Recovery for Mac! Try once and get to know the results on your own.

Hope you’re clear with the concept of Canon photo recovery process on Mac and have learned something on how to recover deleted photos from Canon camera on Mac OS X easily on your own without much difficulty.

Happy photos recovery…